November 11, 2006

Pure of Heart

It is the pure of heart that do good to make this world a better place --- a divine soul reaching out to another ---
I’ve had the seed for this journal page in my mind for a while now, but it only became clear to me why it was important as I was putting it together.

Someone very dear to my heart described me as pure of heart. I took that as the ultimate compliment and my eyes welled up with tears. He was there for me when I was a teenager and made a huge impact on my life. We lost touch and were able to reconnect about 16 years later. My heart rejoiced, as he was the same kind soul and we still had that same wonderful connection.

As time passed, it became clear that while he proclaimed me pure of heart … he was not. He is a wonderful person and I love him as I can only love someone who had a hand in saving my life … but he is not pure of heart. I feel betrayed … but perhaps it is not him who betrayed me, but my heart that has … for I believed I was reconnecting with one intent on spreading divine love and helping others in need, because it was the right thing to do.

One day I will do another page depicting the betrayal I feel and mourning this loss. For today, I will do art for those other divine souls that are of pure heart and helped me save myself.


Anonymous said...

Your page turned out beautiful! I love everything you did on this page and the words are powerful. GREAT job! And thanks for letting me help in the technical problem solving area. I love doing it but love seeing what you end up doing even more!

Anonymous said...

this is such a beautiful piece of art, and i really do love the fact that you can be so open about your feelings. it makes the artwork even more meaningful. you have a huge talent karen! i love seeing your work.

Karen Campbell said...

Thank you, Angie and Joyce! I love having the blog and being able to express what I was thinking while doing a piece of art!