November 18, 2006

Copper Play

Click on photo for a more detailed view of my copper piece and the texture!
Yeah!! I got my first page done for the Calendargirlz 2007 RR! I love this book ... mine is a bit oversized and on the tall side being modeled after an antique ledger book. I wanted to show off one of the cool copper medallions I made last week, so I added some blue patina. I had this real simple look to the page in mind ... I have a tough time knowing then enough is enough LOL

I decided it needed some spackle on the page ... didn't look quite right, so I thought some sewing tissue would help blend and soften, which it did ... but it also made the page too distracting taking away from the medallion LOL So I added some glazes for continuity and I think I can live with the end results, even though the outcome was a little different than I anticipated.


Anonymous said...

I love this! I want to You are going to have a really cool calendar. Where did you get the old ledger?...

claudia said...

very cool love the metal!