June 23, 2009

Bird Art

Here are some more poetry pages I did. I'll get them all uploaded eventually --- I was on a bird kick that night LOL

She unfurled her wings and captured the night -- Hope flowered, despair withered.

On the wings of eagles ... Idyllic values transcend ... Deceit and ruse falls away.

A raspy call of despondence -- Predestined for solitude, Her legacy ... too haunt bluely.

June 20, 2009


Ye have traversed and left footsteps upon thy heart ...
... covet thy adoration and gratitude.
I recently did some painted pages for a poetry-themed bag book. I did the images and then wrote the verse. In this case, I put the verse on the wrong page ... so I decided to use the same verse on both.

June 15, 2009

Painted Feather

Crusade #30

Long time no see LOL I'll end catch-up post after my finals are over ... I just decided to post this now. I'm doing a mail art round robin with painted face envelopes with some other great gals from the Guild. You can see the start of Kelly Snelling's envelope here.

Rather than just paint a plain envie, Michelle Ward's Street Team post got me to thinking about how cool it would be to take advantage of some of the neat textured papers out there and alter them. Here are scans of my original papers.

Spiral Background Paper Textured Background Papers

Here is the back of my envie made with textured paper and molding paste:

Painted Paper Backgrounds
And this is the front:

Painted Feather
The background had a very earthy feel, so I felt inspired to draw and paint an image of a Native American girl -- cutesy as she is LOL I have a lot to learn about painting faces yet -- but I'm still in that stage where I am amazed it more cloely resembles a human than a Martian LOL