November 08, 2006

A Closet Trophophobiac

Accccckkkk! When did I become my parents ... or is it my grandparents??

I found this cool site
phobia list when I was looking for the phobia of not having a seating chart. Okay ... maybe that phobia doesn't exist, but I found trophophobia ... fear of making changes or moving ... close enough LOL

There is this running joke at our weekly trip planner meeting that there is an assigned seating chart since everyone always sits in the same place. We had an emergency meeting today while project manager Gary was cruising in the Caribbean (no guilt there LOL). George was in Paul's seat ... Paul was in Gary's seat ... Trent was in Jonathan's seat ... Joe was on the wrong side of the table. I'm trying to look cool and calm and wondering if everyone can see how rattled I feel about people being in the wrong seats.

When did I become such a creature of habit? Acccckkkk!!


Anonymous said...

Karen, I know what you mean..we get totally thrown if someone is in our pew at church. Even one pew away makes us crazy! I feel like I can't worship when I'm not in the right seat...the pew that's 3 stained glass windows from the front on the left side! I think it gives us some security to know where everyone is at all times...Jo

Darya said...

I think this word would describe ALOT of people I know, myself included. And I think Cynthia has it worse than I do... I can totally relate! - Darya