January 30, 2008

Broken Wing

This broken wing shall mend ... and I shall be whole again.My temporary purple/blue obssession continued with this page LOL
I had originally intended to do a whole piece of bubble wrap for the background -- in honor of Bubble Wrap Day LOL -- but my muse had other ideas.

The heart was textured with puff paint. There is also a piece of tulle netting, but it's not really visible in the scan.

Journal Your Week

Journal Your WeekI did this page in response to an old prompt posted on Art Journal Fridays. We were to divide the page into grids and journal about something we did each day. Okay -- so I didn't do grids LOL I knew I'd need some bigger spaces on some days, so I cut out some neat textured lines from embossed wall-paper and used for my dividers.

Some day I have to work on my doodle lettering. All my lettering ends up looking the same. Apparently, this was the week for teal and purple -- I don't think I've used those colors together in my life -- LOL

This was a fun page and I need to do it again sometime!


After weeks of darkness ... a glimpse into the light of the future. What will my heart hold? Let me find the courage to see ...I started this page and figured out the connection when I started writing the words. I've been stressed over a special project at work -- one that is special to my heart and one where everyone looks to me for leadership. We were not getting good technical support -- in fact, he was literally tearing our department down -- brick-by-brick -- and there was a risk that he would undo all the good things implemented by the previous contractor that worked so hard for us.

Watching this destruction was hard for me professionally and personally. The temptation to reach out and catch someone ready to fall is great, but I had to let him fall to save ourselves if that makes sense.

There seemed to be no hope. I woke up one morning and it was crystal clear to me -- our previous contractor was coming back to us -- our work family would be complete once again. Approximately 3 days later things fell apart and the wheels were set in motion to bring him back to us -- and he is here now. ESP scares me -- but it is not always about bad things :)

Small and Feeble

My voice ... small and feeble -- longing to be free.I'm not sure I care for the execution of this page. I had no idea what to do for an image, so I used a long-neglected rubberstamp.

I haven't been working in my normal pattern for the last few months. I usually get a burning desire to get a certain message across -- something in my heart -- and I see that one page through to completion. Lately, the words do not come. I start 4-6 pages at a time and have to fight to get the words on the page.

I have plenty to say, but I've been locking those words away.


CreatorHaving fun with clip-art ...

Spherical Harmonics

Spherical HarmonicsI'm not sure what the meaning behind this page is LOL

I was desperate to get something on the page and I made this for another book and decided against it, so I added a few more images and used it here.


Belief that this is a brilliant idea, that this is heaven on earth.Seems like a million years since I have posted LOL

Here are the first of my calendar journal spreads for 2008. This one is an altered picture in a Tuscany themed calendar.

January 20, 2008

Iron Heart

Iron Heart
Iron Heart - Back
This is a bit ironic LOL -- but the challenge on Inspire Me Thursday this week is to push your boundaries and what timing. I push the boundaries with a lot of my art, but some pieces are harder than others. 3-D work has been a challenge, but also the most rewarding for me.

I couldn't find my large paper mache heart and the thought of trying to form my own heart shape seemed daunting, but I tried an experiment. This is actually the central piece for a window screen assemblage I am outting together and I plan on entering it in a juried show -- another scary thought LOL

I cut out a heart shape from brown paper bag, stitched, and stuffed before treating with texture mediums and iron paint.

January 13, 2008

Dark Souls - Pages

I haven't been very productuive here lately -- but I did manage to get my pieces for my Dark Souls box done last weekend. I had this plastic mask I've wanted to alter forever -- but the shape was unappealing to me -- and since I chose the Phantom as my Dark Soul, I cut down the mask to a size and shape more appropriate.

Phantom Bride
Turn your face away from the garish light of day ...
Phantom Mask
Phantom Mask - View 2

January 05, 2008

Eiffel Work

Here are a couple peices I did recently for some overdue decos ...
Celebrate le Eiffel Parisiennes