July 19, 2008

Muerte de Medusa

Yeah!! Another project not destined for my UFO (UnFinished Object) pile LOL

I was a little nervous about the time on this. I signed up for Michael de Meng's Found Object Alchemy class. Half a day was spent hitting antique stores in search of objects to alter. I figured I'd be coming home with a half-finished projct ... but whew! I got about 95% done in class ... that' pretty good for me LOL

I had a bit of a headstart on mine. Part of my assemblage was fashioned from an old lamp I found in the rust pile at my Aunt's house posted a few weeks earlier. It was a major feat to get the roof and base removed, so it's good that I had this done ahead of time.

The base is made from an ornate metal jewelry box I gutted. I had it in my head to do something with a Greco-Roman feel, but it turned out quite differnt. Michael pointed out the colors has a Latin American feel and the vines and medallion on the front gave me a feeling of Medusa, so I am calling this Death of Medusa.

I'm also posting the back, which seemed to be Michael's favorite part LOL I just hate velvet. It was covered in black velvet and I knew I wouldn't have time to do anything elaborate to get rid of that look, so I just gessoed and painted it and I ended up with a faux rust look.

Muerte de Medusa
Interior RIght View
Interior Left View
Front Texture Detail
Shrine Back

July 13, 2008

Under the Sea

Sea Sprite - chunky pages front
Sea Sprite - chunky pages back
Under the Sea - chunky page pile
Under the Sea - chunky page stack
This swap was announced right before my first term at college ended. I figured I could get the bulk of my pages done on my 2-week break if I recycled some previous drawings I did for DJ's class. The longest part was getting my backgrounds done. I collaged various papers onto cardstock and painted in purple and turquoise tones.

Everything beyond the background was stitched on. It felt so good to put the glue away LOL I hope everyone in this book likes them. These are possibly my favorite chunky pages I've done so far -- and I think the pages have such a cool texture between the papers, molding paste, and tulle!

July 06, 2008

Wild Kingdom

My road trip to Kansas was quite the adventure! I live in the big city and I am quite used to pigeons and what-not, but I have missed all the wild life small-town and rural life offers. I must say my preference is not to meet up with wildlife along the road where they can dart out however.

Here is a little inventory in all the animals I encountered on my trip:

5 Deer (I met up with 3 contemplating suicide on my midnight drive home -- eeek!)
2 Wild Turkeys (admittedly one got smooshed trying to cross the road -- but not by me LOL -- and no I wasn’t drinking!)
2 Rabbits (them babies run across the highway in no time flat!)
6 Buzzards (these guys were circling my Aunt’s property looking for dead animals presumably -- quite intimidating when you see that many together)
1 Owl in flight
3 Hawks (this was shocking -- I usually see more lie a dozen on my trip)
2 Rooster Pheasants
2 Field Mice (crossing the highway -- wonder which animals were chasing them LOL)
2 Bob Cats (This gave me the creeps! There were 3 dead animals that got smooshed in the highway … then a Bob Cat with glittering eyes laying in wait on the left side of the highway … and a second Bob Cat laying in wait on the right side of the highway less than 1000 feet down. I assume they were trying to tag team it and catch some innocent animal trying to cross there since this was a popular crossing zone. What menacing characters!)
2 Foxes
1 Coyote
1 Raccoon
2 Prairie Dogs
3 Blue Jays

1 Domestic Goat (he was wandering around a country road)

Basically, I saw everything except a partridge in a pear tree LOL

July 05, 2008

July 4 Art

We'll call this my art for July 4th LOL

Scavenging for Assemblage Stuff

Rusty Relics
Antique Canisters
House Frame

Yippeeee! This was good timing. I am visiting my cousins and Aunt in Kansas. My Uncle was an avid collector of forgotten timeless treasures, junk, and you name it. My Uncle passed away a few years ago and my Aunt and cousin were cleaning up some things lying around. There was a huge pile of rusty stuff outside and they let me scavenge for what I wanted before everything else gets melted down.

I have cool ideas for shrines and assemblage just rolling around in my head now :)