May 20, 2008

April Fairy

April FairyI did this page in early April -- when Colorado typically gets slammed with a winter storm. We did get lucky this year though LOL I was feeling nostalgic for spring -- we've moved straight into summer now though LOL

As luck would have it ... this also fits in with Theme Thursday.

Black and White Medley

Black and White MedleyI didn't have any great dreams for this page. I just made a neat background and wanted to play around with black and white images -- negative and positive and see what happened.

Fragmented Resonance

Fragmented ResonanceYou can't really tell now ... but the bottom layer was a plastic shopping bag I melted to the page and then painted.

Lone Heart Grunge

Lone Heart GrungeAnd you just know I couldn't make it a month without doing at least one heart page LOL

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yankee Doodle DandyI totally lost my momentum with getting my jourmnal pages posted ... but here is a page I did in the April calendar ...

College Update

I don't think I have said much on my blog, but some of you know I went back to school to pursue a degree in the Information Technology field. I love art ... it is my passion, but not something I would ever want to beat myself up over trying to make money with. I do art for recreation and to fill my soul.

I love the IT stuff -- working with data. It's hard to describe, but I get such a charge when I can figure out what is broken with something. I met with my mentor today and he has been so supportive and so encouraging of me following at least part of his footsteps. And he was cracking me up. My academic advisor made a recommendation for what IT class to start with next term and my mentor was saying you could do a lot of damage in that programming language if you didn't know what you were doing -- not a good choice for an intro -- but he was cracking me up -- and the idea that things could go incredibly wrong or incredibly well I found appealing and adventurous LOL

I am so excited. I have As in my classes so far -- and I'm getting close to the finish line for this term, so it is looking like I will keep my As -- assuming I don't fall off the wagon or something ... but school is one of those things I always loved and I can't stand not doing my very best, so I don't foresee that happening.

After several weeks wondering if I would get an academic advsor, they finally assigned me one ... and not a moment too soon. I never got all my loose ends tied up before being propelled into classes. My admissions counselor was all about getting the sale -- getting it signed -- blah blah blah She had a really flippant attitude about my fears of not doing math for 20 years and everything that seemed to come out her mouth was either dishonest or disrespectful. My academic advisor has been really nice and I get to meet him in person tomorrow evening -- and he already assured me that I will not have to deal with admissions anymore --- wooo hoooo!

May 02, 2008


HomespunThis is an art journal page I did in response to a challenge on Created By Hand. I glued some striped scrim over a painted decorative paper. I just thought it was the coolest thing ever (and cheap) and wanted to use it LOL The name homespun just popped into my head :)

Hula or Homework?

Hula or homework?Which is more fun ... to hula hoop or do homework? LOL I'm working on a research paper, so you know what my answer will be LOL

I'm struggling with all these journal pages and completing homework for college, so I printed one of my homework assignments on decorative paper for a background LOL

Anatomy of an Injury

Anatomy of an InjuryThis art journal page was inspired by a fall on my face LOL I haven't banged up my knees like this since I was a kid -- guess I was overdue. I fell on the street and banged the dickens out of my knees ... not to mention a horridly large bruise on my chin and a sprained wrist and hand.

My bruises are all gone now, but the tenderness in my knees, hand, and chin is taking a while to heal.

I found some clip-art anatomy of the affected areas for this page. I'm a little late, but thought this was appropriate for last week's
Inspire Me Thursday prompt.

Woven Postcard

Woven Postcard
Oops ... I went to download my photos and realized I never posted this LOL