April 06, 2008

Pink and Blue Blessings

Pink and Blue BlessingsThis is my final page for March. I've been wanting to use that crumpled up blotter paper for a while and I stuck to the original pinks and blues in the paper and went from there.


Plastered SallyI don't like this painting as well as the ones I did in DJ's class. I struggle with shading and what-not. It is going to take me a lot more practice. She turned out more cartoony than I would have liked. I decided her name should be Sally -- but it later occurred to me that maybe her name should be Paris, because she is painted on those plaster of Paris gauze strips. The cheesecloth texture was hard to paint on, but it was a very neat effect.

Suess Inspired Page

Could you ponder over yonder if you don't mind my good sir? Your presence causes my canary to be quite binary and creates a crumpet in my trumpet!This page is what happens when you use Dr Seuss as your reading material before bed LOL

I'm pretty happy with my page -- except the doodle trumpet --- bleckkkk! I need some serious practice there LOL

Haiku Triptych

One of my yahoo groups is doing themed prompts with haiku's so I thought I would try my hand at it. The theme was dreams. This is also a page I started a few weeks back for the fantabulous Karen O! prompt of transitons a while back on Gothic Arches. My idea got too large for me to pull off, so I made it into a triptych ... but I was too late to post ... sigh ...
open triptych

triptych back

heart detail

More Frida

Frida with Ferns Another altered Frida pic from the calendar ...

April 05, 2008

Gloomy Fridas

Gloomy Frida TwinsHere is an altered artwork by Frida Kahlo I did in the calendar journal RR. I am not very familiar with her work and no really good ideas popped, so I more or less added a border.

April 03, 2008

Lookie What I Got!!

I have been carless for the past 6 months -- and it really bit LOL
I was waiting for my income tax so I get a better used car ... and guess what? I found one!
I found a little mom-and-pop kind of car lot where this guy fixes up cars that have been in minor collisions and resells them. I picked out a car last week. The advantage is the car had not been started yet and I got to see what it looked like before he fixed it up -- and it truly was minor damage on this car. I saw the engine and everything firsthand. My brother and I felt very good about this car.
They are done fixing it up for me and it is so perty!! He replaced a few dinged up panels on the car and the tires are almost brand new. The body is pristine -- except for one minor scratch.
Oh yeah -- this is a 2001 Saturn SC-2 with 77,000 miles. My last car had 83,000 when I got it.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my local gals who carted me and all my junk to local art meetings!
This is only my 2nd car -- and I am excited at how spiffy and sporty it looks!
This car has a feature called a suicide door. That sounds creepy, but it's really cool, because I can get art stuff in the back seat real easy LOL I got some weird lighting effects when I took the photo of the inside, so the seats look all speckly and funky ... but the interior is just as pristine as the outside. And this car has all the fun extras :)
The only defect I found is the seat won't move forward. He told me to bring it on Saturday. He will fix that for me and also detail the inside for me.
I am so thrilled --- this makes the 6-month hardship worth it!

My shiny new car!

Interior view with open suicide door

Front view