November 05, 2006


Degeneration & decay -- gloomy & grotesque are the days of my discontent
This journal page was actually inspired by the ArtWords journal prompts ... as usual I am a day late and dollar short ... but at least it gave me a good excuse to use my new Michelle Ward rubberstamps!

I had originally intended this to be a year long journal project where I would aim for a journal spread a week ... or maybe every 2 weeks and I would bind them all accordion style when they were completed at the end of the year. I fell off the journaling wagon for a while. This is looking more like a 2 year project ... but I like the pages I have so far.


Stacie @ said...

This is beautiful Karen I really love the colors. And the softness of the torn edges against the hardness of the architecture.

Your blog is coming along beautifully- I'm so glad you have one ;-)

Michelle Remy said...

"...fell off the journaling wagon..." tee hee! boy! can I relate to your work! looks like you've climbed back on the wagon beautifully! keep going!