September 17, 2010

Science Doodles

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This was my favorite so far of Carla Sonheim's Silly 2 online class assignments. I did it in charcoal, as I love the look of charcoal smudges!

September 11, 2010

Egyptian Fragment

I have always been drawn to Egyptian art.  I did this page a few months ago while I was taking a Kelly Kilmer class.  I was actually working in a journal I made in her class the year before ... the Reclaimed Artist Book.  This book has been my favorite book ever!  If you get a chance to take that class, please do! I just loved the fragmented look of this face.

Scraped Fabric

This was an experience.  I  decided to take Michelle Ward's Street Team Challenge and try scraping paint on a piece of gessoed fabric I am using for a wall-hanging for a friend.

I scraped on cadmium yellow, crimson, and phthalo blue.  Then I scraped some paint over a masked stencil.  It made neat patterns and a grungy kind of texture, but the images were lost.  An interesting combination of colors ... but not the color scheme I was looking for and defintiely did not match the trim I picked out.  

I brayered over most of it with French Vanilla and scraped more paint in pink and blue tones.  Coordinated with my trim better, but definitely not the colors I was originally aiming for.  I wanted a crisper look with my masks this time,so I used fluorescent pink and teal spray paints.  This was fun and I will definitely experiment more with tyvek masks on paper.

September 04, 2010

I'm Back!!

Yikes ... I've been gone way too long!  Life was running me over, but I am taking a break from school after this term ends in 2 weeks and I will get back in track with some art and stuff.

I am doing an altered handkerchief swap with some dear friends and this is the start of mine:

 I am really excited about this swap and found it so difficult to stop once I got mine going.