September 29, 2007

Molten Rhapsody

Molten RhapsodyI've been using these little serendipity squares off and on for 3 years I think (same batch LOL) -- wondering if I will ever get them used up. The texture in the big gold blobbies is a gel medium concoction by Liquitex that has clear beads in it -- fun stuff!

I Need the Prayers

I need the prayers.Not sure what this title means -- but I saw it on some vintage music and it jumped out at me.

The background was a technique I thought up at Michael de Meng's Assemblage Book class. The one in my assemblage book is actually a better example -- but that book is not quite done yet.

Botany Girl

Botany GirlI antiqued my paper with a wash of Michael de Meng's favorite color-combo -- quinacridone gold and black. I've been hoarding this Paper Whimsy image for a while too -- so time to let her go LOL

Egyptian Bliss

Egyptian BlissI've been saving this background for a while. This was scrap paper to catch some dye inks I had used and then I used it under a project I spray-painted. I got this interesting crackle across the top -- I think there must have been some gel medium underneath the paint. It would be cool to see if I could duplicate the effect.

Sea Revenge

Sea Revenge
More fun with ocean theme images ...

Alphabet Sampler

Are some words better locked inside your head? How do I know which ones to set free and which ones to keep under lock and key?  Can words be taken back?  Can they be pushed forward?  My words are my heart and they are my salvation.  The keeper of my words would hold the key to my heart ... but at what price?  Words can save a life or destroy it.  Yield those words carefully friend ... for silence is deafening.I've always been mesmerized by these alphabet samplers with text running multiple directions, so I tried it. I couldn't quite hit a color that would show up well for that top layer ...

I just started writing words to fill the page here -- but it seems the question of the day was really whether you can actually pull those words back once they have been said aloud ...


AgnesAs usual I was in a mad rush to get my calendar journal pages done LOL Time management has been a real issue the last couple months -- sigh --

I liked the picture and couldn't figure what to do, so I just started brushing on some paint and accented the picture with souffle pens.

September 24, 2007

Shadow Journal

Journey into the ShadowYeah!! I have my first completed art journal!

January 2006 I decided I wanted to do an art journal just for me, but I wanted to focus on connecting my art to me and move more away from theme type work. I had hoped to do a lot more work than this, but the pages I did feel intense to me and they speak my heart, so I am happy with what I ended up with. What I found most amazing -- looking through my pages from the last year ... I have moved further away from commercial imagery and more toward raw art. I just tried to do what was in my heart.

I journaled about whatever I felt truly compelled to journal about. Looking back I saw somewhat of a connecting theme, which led me to my journal title.

For my pages, I ripped out pages from an old engagement calendar, so I could feel free to use whatever medium I wanted and also the freedom to sew if I chose. I eyeleted my pages together with twill tape sprayed with Color Mists
(Go Aileen!). I gutted the engagement calendar and recovered it using a heavy muslin type fabric for the spine. The end of the accordion is glued to the inside of the back cover and the rest can be flipped this way and that or stretched out into a long line -- but it takes a bit of ingenuity to figure out how to flip back and forth to see both sides LOL

Oops -- it looks like some of my photos are too long for the slideshow, so here is a direct link to my webshots album.

Shadow Journal

Shadow Journal

September 21, 2007

Let There Be Music

Let there be music in the night -- to fill my soul with light.
Here is my final page for my art journal :)

Fingers of Hope

The sun spread fingers of hope over the gloomy horizon.  Bad dreams receded into the shadows.I decided I wanted to finish an art journal I started last year. I had done these train pages I just couldn't live with, so I covered them up with new work and I am much happier now.

I used an India Ink Resist on the sun.

September 20, 2007

My Animal Totem

You scored as Dragon, You are the Dragon. You store a lot of knowledge about everything. You are generally one who is good with personal growth and can regenerate yourself after a bad experience.





























Which animal totem best suits you?
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September 15, 2007

No! She Screamed ...

No! She screamed ...I'm not sure what the meaning is behind this page -- it started out as more of representaton for what I was feeling. I ended up with another unusual color combo I would never try if I had pre-planned out the page.

I rarely go dark, so I started out brushing wild strokes of Payne's Gray and Micaceous Iron Oxide on -- except apparently I forgot to clean my brush and the bristles were all glued together. I decided to go with the look I was getting and figured this was a good time to play with various painting tools inspired by the experimentations in Belinda's
Acrylic Artists group.

I painted a heart with Quinacridone Burnt Orange, which turned out a little too dark on my background once dry, so I went back over the heart with Cadmium Red Deep Hue. I added smudges of True Grey with my fingers. I sanded some red off the heart to bring the dark ridges beneath back out.

The background still wasn't doing it for me LOL So I added smudges of Medium Turqoise. This was a really old bottle of Aleene's and it was super thick from sitting there, which made it work better for this application I thought.

I trie using a bamboo skewer and paint for the lettering, but it wasn't quite working for me -- -especially the smaller letters, so I gave up and went to a liner brush LOL The Ultramarine Blue also turned out to be too dark for the Payne's Gray in th abckground, so I outlined with a souffle pen.

Jeanne and Lucien

Jeanne Francoise Recamier & Lucien BonaparteHere is another page for the Calendar Art Journal RR. I put some too-long neglected rubberstamps to use in this one.

September 12, 2007


EmpressThis is my piece for Inspire Me Thursday this week. I started with nothing more than background color and chose my colors and collage elements as I went along. I never dreamed I'd end up combining Jubilee Green, Moon Yellow, and Crimson --- but here it is LOL

September 09, 2007

Peculiar Aristocratic Title

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Honourable Lady Karen the Splendid of Witchampton Under Buzzard
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

September 08, 2007

Arch Journal Page

You may extinguish a flame, but shall do no more than dim the light.  Even the darkest of shadows can have the illuminous spark of hope.I was thrilled to see a new blog for posting gothic arch art. I enlarged my template, so I could use them as journal pages. I experimented with techniques for the backgrounds, but overall I feel my page falls kind of flat since all I really have is a moon and the words on the page.

This page was inspired by the lunar eclipse a few weeks ago. I thought it was cool how the moon turned orange an yet you could still see a glimpse of white light around the moon. I just love all these astronomy miracles.

September 07, 2007


Here is a postcard I've been working on for a swap -- a bit late, but done after changing my mind about what I was doing a gazillion times LOL

September 04, 2007

Spray-Paint Papers

I missed the deadline for this crusade on GPP Street Team, but I was really infatuated with the idea of spray-painting papers. I spray-painted an altered book spread when I was an altering rookie and got some neat effects where the paint resisted the glue on the page. I don't think I've done much with spray-paints since then.

Diva friend Vicki also tried some spray-painted backgrounds that got me kick-started to try it :) And she did more here.

I started out brayering 2-3 colors on each of my large papers and embellsihed by spray-painting with stencils. On the last big paper I had some white spots and experimented with an India Ink resist to see what the effect would be with the spray-paints. It was tough to do on a larger scale, but I liked the overall effect and drama of it.

Spray Painted Backgrounds

Veggie Pages

Here are a couple pages I did for a quickie RR. I forget the exact theme now LOL -- But it seemed like it was meant to be about veggies, so here is what I did ...

Carrot Radish

Fabric Page

Here is a fabric page I finished for the 9 Muses RR.

Shine your own light ... follow your own path ... and don't worry about the darkness ... for that is when stars shine.Shine

September 01, 2007