October 28, 2007


BroomhildaI had to do one more Halloween page -- a little more traditonal LOL

I'm killing 2 birds with one stone LOL This is my contribution for the prompt on The Altered Heart, and Inspire Me Thursday.

October 25, 2007

Sometimes Life Bites

Ugggghhh ... I'm definitely in the mood for a pity party. My poor decrepit car finally died -- and I am so over-extended (after doing my best to help bail my brother out of financial jams over the years) that I cannot contemplate a new engine for it ... nor buying another decrepit old car -- not until I get my income tax in the spring anyway. That means no more art classes -- one of the few things I can really do for me :(

Getting back and forth to work is one thing ... but getting to the store ... getting to a laundromat (since my washer also kicked the bucket for now) ... getting to doctor appointments ... getting to my art group meetings for the next 5-6 months. This all just sucks.

October 24, 2007

Eagle Eye

The Eagle: symbol of the zenith; messengers of the heavens; embodiment of the spirit of the sun -- four-toed feet to help you remain grounded even when soaring high; talons to grasp the things of the earth; a sharp beak to show you when to speak, how much and how strongly.This is a round robin spread for an animal totem book. There were a few different animals that came up for me, but this one hit home and I've been seeing eagles and hawks everywhere lately -- so perhaps this is a sign :)

I wish I could say I thought up the eagle drawing, but I'm not that good LOL I tried to draw my own based on another illustration -- but I did manage to think up the lines for the copper embossed feathers on my own LOL

October 21, 2007

Fred Fang

GPP Street Team - Crusade 13

I wasn't expecting to get 2 entries done for Michelle Ward's Crusade #13 -- but it just seemed to work out that way when journal ideas preseted themselves :)

I have a story to go with this page too LOL Last week I received an e-mail about a special project forwarded from a man at an outside agency named Fred Fang. That name kept jumping out at me and I just knew I had to bring Fred to life LOL

For my background, I used some spray-paint papers inspired by a previous crusade.

Fred Fang was quite the birdman.

Doodle Play

Doodle Play
Well, I'm not much of a doodler, but gave it a shot on a journal page. I didn't have a real concrete idea and I'm not sure there's a real connectivity here ... but this is what I ended up with ...

The Blue Dot Episode

The Blue Dot EpisodeThe Inspire me Thursday prompt this week is control -- and boy is that perfect for last week LOL I've been wrestling to get control of my emotions for a while. My adrenal gland is not functioning right and you never miss your body's ability to handle stress until it is gone. Supplements help immensely, but figuring out the right dosage has been a challenge.

I never know I'm on a downward spiral until something so iditotic happens you can't believe you did it LOL I went for a chiropractic appointment and for some reason they removed this blue dot from my chart. Sounds ridiculous when you say it LOL -- but that blue dot puts me with my regular doctor instead of jumping around to different chiropractors and risking getting someone who doesn't have enough skill to adjust my back right.

My pleas to have the blue dot put back on my chart with the receptionist were fruitless, but I did manage to get in to see my regular doc -- and that poor soul has seen my meltdowns before and knew he was in for one as soon as he walked in LOL But in the end -- I got my blue dot back ROFL

I fondly call this the blue dot episode ... and I'm willing to bet my blue dot never gets taken away again -- hee hee

October 16, 2007

Too Dark?

GPP Street Team - Crusade 13

Okay -- this is the darkest piece I've done to date -- maybe a little too dark LOL This is a journal page for the calendar RR -- and also my entry for GPP Street Team. Good practice for the Dark RR coming up too.

Death comes to us all.

October 14, 2007

Courageous Heart

Have Courage - Seek the Light.Here is journal page for this week's prompt at The Altered Heart.

I feel like a wuss these days LOL This was a reminder to me that I have a heart of courage -- that I have overcome adversity.

October 12, 2007

Flower Page

Flower Page
I used this week's flower prompt at Gothic Arches for a calendar journal page. I cut around the arch to make a shaped page afterward.

October 09, 2007

Daring Cardmakers - Postcard

Textured Postcard
I made this postcard in response to the postcard challenge on Daring Cardmakers. I was playing around with texture on this -- not sure this was a successful design, but I had fun making it!