April 29, 2007

Dream Voyage

Dream Voyage
This is another altered picture in a calendar journal. I need a cruise LOL

Jungle Trek

Sometimes ... driving to work is like a trek through the jungleThis is another journal page in a calendar journal round robin. This page had a picture I was to alter. Sometimes altering the existing pictures is harder for me than starting a page from scratch LOL I wasn't sure what to do, so I took advantage of the Wednesday Stamper Challenge and framed part of the picture and went from there ...

April 28, 2007


The words that resonate are the only ones that matter.This was weird. I finished my entry for this week's prompt about words on Inspire Me Thursday ... and this sentence popped into my head, so I did a second journal page.

I tried a
Kelly Kilmer technique for the background on this page. It is amazing how cool these water soluble wax pastels blend. This was my first try and I didn't pick the best papers for the technique I think ... but I am using this technique again!

Sensitivity Prevails

Sensitivity PrevailsThis is my entry for Inspire Me Thursday. The prompt this week is words and what would a journal page be without words?

This week a friend did something special that shows he was sensitive to my feelings and I am very grateful ... and that is the inspiration for this journal page.

April 24, 2007

Getting Back to Your Roots

Which is stronger?  Your roots?  Or the pull of events that gnarl and twist your branches changing the direction of your growth.
I did an art journal page to go along with some writing for Sunday Scribblings this week.

What are in your roots? Which events have the power to change the direction of that growth?

Tragic acts of violence such as the Virginia Tech and Columbine High School shootings shake me to my very core and stir my soul. My childhood was disturbing … full of trauma and controversy; those feelings of hatred and anger, desperation … feeling like an outcast … the tendency toward self-mutilation and that sense that I was an explosion waiting to happen -- I see those same things in these shooters. It is with great unease that I admit how close I came to wearing the shoes of one who keeps that chain of violence going.

I was one of the lucky ones that crossed paths with counselors that helped me change my destiny. Still you must wonder … what is the difference between me and the shooters. I found my way back to my roots and my roots were planted in whimsy and happiness … yet not everyone is able to make it full-circle back to that beginning. Sometimes events occur that change your path and you feel powerless to stop it.

Perhaps it depends on which is stronger … your roots … or the pull of events that gnarl and twist your branches changing the direction of your growth.

Mournful City

The city is a mournful place that eats at my soul and threatens to still my beating wings ... pecking out my freedom to soar.This is a picture in a New York themed calendar I altered for a journal round robin this month. It had a very gray look and feel and yet I felt drawn to it, so I wanted to leave the picture mostly in tact.

I wondered what it would look like if I tried journaling right over the photo, so I added some grit to the page with
clear gesso. The sloppy lettering is what you get when you don't really know calligraphy and haven't used a dip-type calligraphy pen in 20 years LOL I just trudged on and went with the leaky fountian pen look LOL

Since I already had a bit of a grunge look going I added a couple rubberstamped images at the bottom for this week's
Wednesday Stamper challenge. I was able to manage using my broken carved rubberstamp for this ... hee hee

Claudia's Show

Ephemera from Claudia Roulier's art show
I went to an art show featuring Claudia Roulier recently and this is a journal page I did to include a few snippets I collected from the gallery that day. It was flabberghasted at the amount of work Claudia had done ... and everything just drips creativity and mystery! Yeah!! Way to go Claudia!

April 22, 2007

April 21, 2007

More Bird Photos

Doodle birds have landed ... All stacked up

Thanks so much Kathy for taking my bird page pictures! I thought they looked cool all stacked up, but didn't think to get my own photo LOL

As you can see ... I ended up with skinny birds ... fat birds ... short birds ... tall birds; I even had one that looked like a duck, but he didn't make the cut LOL

I love this second picture ... reminds me of the Princess and the Pea ... hee hee

No Tears

No Tears -- A time when sadness and tragedy were part of everyday life ... a time when tears were locked inside ... strength was born from hardship and necessity. Tears was the prompt on Inspire Me Thursday this week. It got me to thinking about my childhood. Trauma and tears were an everyday part of my childhood. I started thinking about my ancestors and how tears did not seem acceptable in so many situations.

I did this background for my example of the weathered metal technique-of-the-month on the Altered Books group. It was such a hard and cold surface treatment, a spread about "No Tears" seemed more fitting.

April 20, 2007

Doodle Bird Fatigue

Doodle Bird - front Doodle Bird - back

I cant tell you how tired I am this week. It was just stressful all around. All kinds of things going awry at work ... then I go hit with some special assignments ... undercover work LOL I ended up working 10 hour days 3 days this week ... and then coming home and finishing up these fabric bird pages.

These ideas sound so simple in the beginning ... but then I multiple by 30 and reality sets in LOL I think 4 hours is the longest night sleep I've had this week with everything going on ... but I am sleeping tonight LOL

April 07, 2007

Tag Art

Here are some tags I made for a swap in my local book art group. We each picked our own color theme and made tags to swap to fill the pockets in our books. I found some of the color themes tough with my supplies, so I made several that were fabric or a combination of paper and fabric.

Nancy - Orange/Brown Rosalba - Pink/Orange
Val - Teal/Purple Carolyn - Turquoise/Purple
Ginger - Red/Turquoise Patty - Black/White
Lisa - Celery/Blue Tracey - Blue
Darcy - Dusty Rose/Sepia Grey - Silver/Gray

Yellow - Impatient Times

The deepest impression bring ideas forward; they'd dash out from darkness with a heart full of ardent gratitude and it often stays with them for the rest of their lives. -- When people are not particularly amiable I try to thaw them with my own personal charm.  These are impatient times.  He expected no mercy. This is my journal page for the Art Words yellow prompt. Yellow is one of my least favorite colors to work with ... in fact this may be my only yellow ... or semi-yellow artwork LOL I've had this page in the back of my mind for a while, but this week seemed especially appropriate to get started and this color worked for me :)

I have a friend who is close to my heart ... he makes me smile and brings light into my little world at the times I least expect it and most need it. This was a particularly hard week, because he was forced to make some choices he knew would not make me happy and he did his best to deliver the news with compassion and grace.

I looked for some phrases from some discarded book pages that I felt best described him. These words jumped off the page at me. They are a little melodramatic, but fitting.

April 05, 2007


Have you ever been truly captivated by someone? ... So entranced you couldn't stand to look away for one ephemeral moment for fear they would melt away?
I started this page quite a while back and finally figured out what I wanted to do for the journaling. This was meant to be an entry for Wednesday Stamper, but my phone and internet service went out last week and I couldn't get online in time to post ...


interior view of assemblage heart assemblage heart - paper casting exterior
I've been working on this piece for a while. I decided this would be a good piece for the secrets prompt on Inspire Me Thursday.

This really is about secrets ... about that secret hiding place in my heart for people who are special to me ... a way to lock those special memories and feelings away in order to let go a little.

This will be a sister heart shrine to the
Spiritus Vocus shrine I did last year. I started out with a paper mache hert again, but cut a door in it, covered with paper casting spirals, and added some assemblage type stuff inside the heart.

April 03, 2007

Carving Stamps

my first carved rubberstamps
I can't believe it ... I finally learned how to carve stamps ... thanks to Nancy in my local art group!! A year ago I was saying no way -- too much work ... but this year I am loving the rough and bold look of carved stamps, so I decided to give it a try. I made one stamp at the group and 7 more over the weekend LOL Mostly I am getting my stamp image ideas from elsewhere, but I'll think up my own designs eventually. I have about 6 more drawings made up already LOL I had no idea how addicting this could be!

April 02, 2007

Let My Voice ...

Let my voice -- my soul's reflections -- reach his ear ... for this connection fills my spirit; all will be well when he listens to my heart.
I had originally intended this page to be my entry for Inspire Me Thursday, but my phone and internet service were on the fritz and I didn't get uploaded in time.

Phone Journal Page

I want my phone back -- Aaackk!!
Of course I had to dedicate a journal page to my phone woes LOL


Enchanted by the song of the red bird
Here is another spread I did in the March calendar.

Back to Civilization

Yeah ... I'm back!! I had no phone or internet service for a week ... that was a hard pill to swallow LOL Come to find out the first repairman that visited messed up and reconnected the wrong wires LOL