July 29, 2007


GalaxyHere is a Urania spread I did this weekend for the 9 Muses RR. I am also using this as my goddess layout for Inspire Me Thursday this week.

I didn't have a lot of time to figure out a background for this, so I used part of a blotter paper where I was painting a project. I was amazed at how galaxy-like the paper already was, so I just added a few more splatters to complete the effect.

July 25, 2007


Break my body, but you cannot break my spirit. Broken - bust detail

Broken - detail 2
This is a challenge peice I did for the Artist's Nook in Fort Collins. The body form seemed alarmingly flimsy and I had some lite cracking before I even got started, so I reinforced the form with metal tape before painting and texturing.

I did not have a clear idea of what I was doing. I started with the metal tape and it just developed from there. It looks a bit like a swamp creature if you see it up close. The texture is rather crusty looking, which is not evident from the photos.

I used that medium that looks like cracked glass in my frames. I am loving this stuff!

July 24, 2007


Soar This is my contribution for Wednesday Stamper this week.

Boy would I love to feel like this ... hee hee

Boy would I love to look like this LOL

Past Perfect

Past PerfectHere is an altered book page I did for a mini RR. I'm not sure where I was trying to go with this LOL

July 23, 2007

I Love Fire!

Torched Metal FramesFor anyone who does not know ... I love fire LOL I got a whole hardware kit by Memory Keepers, but everything is silver ... not my cup of tea. I assumed they were painted silver, so I thought I would torch the paint off ... what a shock when they all tuned variegated, but how cool!
The one in the middle is to show you what I started with. Anyone know what kind of metal does this? I couldn't find any details on the package that told what type of metal it was.

July 19, 2007

Falling into the Abyss

Falling into the AbyssHoley schmoley ... this was the week from Hades. My chiropractor encouraged me to do a cleansing as a preface to a diet, as I need to lose some weight to improve my back health. I have never been through this before and it was way more intense than I expected.

I knew it would clean toxins from my body, but I was not prepared for 3 days of crying jags and feelings of utter despair. It seems it was also ridding my body of emotional toxins ... and I have some hormonal issues that were piled on top of that ... so not a pleasant week LOL -- So here is a journal page about my experience this week.

Update For Angie

Here's your update, Angie LOL

This has been a hard week LOL The art opening was just so much fun. Never did I imagine that my art would get accepted to a gallery. But what a shock it was to see my pieces right inside the door under the assemblage show sign ... so cool!

And it absolutely rocked to see so many of my friends from my book arts group come to see the show and offer support! I'm a little bummed I missed my dear friend Gary from work. He came to see my art, but a bunch of us went down the street to another gallery with a fantastic multi-media exhibit. I was absolutley touched that he came by ... even more touched at the sweet things he said about my art :)

The detour to the mixed-media art show was also fab. The assemblage art was just amazing ... and I saw the most amazing collages from Darlene McElroy! She used lots of layering ... transfer techniques galore ... and she incorporated 3-D peices into her collages, so it was more of a collage-assemblage peice. I would be absolutely thrilled if she came out here to teach one day!

July 09, 2007

My 15 Minutes ...

Well here's my Toot Toot! Who knows when I'll get another 15 minutes LOL

I submitted 3 assemblages for a juried at show at the
Core New Art Space Gallery and they were all accepted! Ginger from my local book arts group also had 2 pieces accepted, so we are on cloud 9!

I wasn't sure what to expect. The people at the gallery were really nice. The lady checking my pieces in didn't seem that interested at first ... then she looked at them and had this look of surprise and awe on her face. I wasn't sure if that meant she wasn't really that knowledgable about art and didn't know any better LOL Or if she did know art and just thought my pieces were unique.

Not sure how I feel about the artist reception being on Friday the 13th LOL

Here are some thumbnails of the pieces accepted. The third piece you can view in an old blog post.

Spiritus Vocis Spiritus Vocis - View 2 Journal Heart - Front Trumpet Carcass - View 2 Circus Shrine Circus Shrine - Elephant Burst-Out Detail

July 08, 2007

Aging Experiments

Agged Copper Mesh - accordion pleat and dip method
Aged Copper Mesh - roll and dip method
Aged Copper Mesh - scrunch and dip method
Aged Copper Mesh - scrunch and dip method followed by patina splatters
My old liver of sulphur (LOS) went into the trash ... for whatever reason it lots potency. The new LOS more than makes up for it LOL I cut more copper mesh and wanted to go for a mottled effect for more copper mesh pockets for my Melange book for MHBA.

I took this first photo horizontally, but decided I needed to turn it upright, as I got this neat ink-blot effect and it looks like a cross-section of an insect LOL
Doesn't that second one look like a big pair of creepy eyes?
The bottom piece was crumpled up and dipped, but I didn't get my crevices pinched close tightly enough and didn't get as many bright spots. I splattered on some blue patina.

July 07, 2007

Torching Copper

Torched Copper Mesh
Torched Copper Mesh Detail I was green with envy when I saw the cool torched copper Debbie from my local art group brought in. We are maing copper mesh pockets for Nina Bagley inspired book we are calling Melange Books Reconstructed. We are gutting some encyclopedias Debbie donated and making new pages out of an assortment of materials and adding all kinds of goodies.

My little torch attachment for my soldering gun wasn't cutting it, so I got a
larger torch and this is what I got when I torched my copper. I'll be using some of this for a pocket for my book, but also want to try aging some as well.

July 04, 2007

Happy 4th!!

Here is a page in Vale's calendar journal for the 4th of July.


Subluxations and optimum healthI had to find a new chioropractor this week and I had a 2-hour appointment that conisted of a consultation and a bunch of tests. My back is a lot worse off than I imagined and a lot of my health issues were explained, so this chiropractor was a good choice for me. His name is Dr. Cartwright, but there are two chiropractors in the office; they are brothers and I call them the Cartwright Brothers LOL

One of the docors wrote down a bunch of notes for me and drew some diagrams, so I made a copy and used on a journal page over top of some skeletal drawings I added to
Vale's Leonardo calendar.