November 30, 2006

Published at Last!

I've had the best luck here recently. First I signed up for some classes at the Artist's Nook and found out my collage submitted to Somerset was not returned, so there is a possibilty it could get published in a future issue ... won't be holding my breath ... but a girl can dream!

Then I got the best review at work I've ever gotten ... right before Thanksgiving.

And today I got conformation that a purse I submitted to Somerset was selected for a technique-based article. I am beside myself with joy!

That was 3 things ... I hope my luck doesn't run out now. Maybe I need to hit the casino before my hot streak is over LOL

November 23, 2006

Last Night My Mama Came

Last night my Mama came ... on soft wispy wings.  Her tender voice ... the softest declaration of love and hope ... a lullaby ushered in ... on the wings of a dove.  My restless spirit was hushed; harmony and tranquility took hold.
Last Night My Mama Came
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Well this didn't really happen last night ... but I just finished my journal page LOL


I talked to my Mama almost every single day without fail my whole life … it was only those last days before cancer took her life that she was unable to speak back. Every day I went to the hospital determined to get those last words to her out and every day I could not get a sound to escape my own lips knowing I would not hear her soothing voice.

Not a single day has passed since that I have not longed to hear her voice again and hoped for any sign that she is still with me. My mother had a very quiet strength and spirit … so quiet that I feel I cannot recognize her presence when she is near and I have never stopped searching for those signs.

My dear sweet doggie Bubbles was sick the same time as my mother; I always felt she hung on those last few months so she would be here to help me through those first months of grief after my mother was gone. After Bubbles passed away I asked my mother to give me a sign that they were together.

Several months after my mother’s death, I dreamed she and I were looking out the window of a house over a misty swamp. All these animals danced across the top of the water through the trees and disappeared in the fog ... very ghostlike and eery. My mother never uttered a word and yet I was so glad to see her again; she seemed so real. In my dream I reached out to touch her on the arm and she evaporated into thin air.

Last week I had another nightmare where I was searching for my mother, which prompted the I Dreamt Last Night journal page I posted on November 18th. The night after I posted it to my blog, my mother and Bubbles came to visit me in a dream and I heard my mother’s voice for the first time in six years. She had no great words of wisdom for me, but her voice filled me with such a great sense of peace … the kind of peace that can only come with the visit of a loved spirit.

My family chose the dove as a symbol for my mother; she was always the peacemaker in the family and true to her nature, she swooped into my dream and gave me the peace I so desperately longed for.

I thought it was fitting that I post this today, as this is what I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday.

November 19, 2006

Old West Fabric

I'm still pretty new with fabric work and not entirely satisfiedwith these, but here are a couple of fabric pages I did in an Old West Fabric Book RR. I don't know what it is, but I am really drawn to these old pictures of saloon girls and girls from houses of ill repute LOL
saloon girls
men of the Old West

November 18, 2006

I Dreamt Last Night ...

I dreamt last night ... searching room by room ... story by story.  Have you seen my mother?  Troubled and helpless I fell into the abyss.
Well I didn't really dream last night ... but I did dream it this week and it felt frighteningly real.

This is my entry for the Artwords journal prompt: Story. This is two-fold, as I was frantically searching all the rooms story after story looking for my dearly departed mother and yet my dream also seemed to be telling a story.

Oh yeah ... and my doodling letters leave a lot to be desired ... not sure I'll ever get the hang of uniform letters LOL

Copper Play

Click on photo for a more detailed view of my copper piece and the texture!
Yeah!! I got my first page done for the Calendargirlz 2007 RR! I love this book ... mine is a bit oversized and on the tall side being modeled after an antique ledger book. I wanted to show off one of the cool copper medallions I made last week, so I added some blue patina. I had this real simple look to the page in mind ... I have a tough time knowing then enough is enough LOL

I decided it needed some spackle on the page ... didn't look quite right, so I thought some sewing tissue would help blend and soften, which it did ... but it also made the page too distracting taking away from the medallion LOL So I added some glazes for continuity and I think I can live with the end results, even though the outcome was a little different than I anticipated.

November 17, 2006

Embossed Copper

What a hectic week! I meant to get on here sooner, but we're right in the thick of things at work with the light rail opening and the whole week has flown by!

Wednesday I came in early ... did my thang at work and then went to my Art Play meeting in Lakewood. We were supposed to be learning how to emboss metal by hand ... but I brought my Wizard, which I love for embossing! And we spent most of the time doing it the cheater way LOL

Rosalba brought some little plastic doilies ... and they make the most rockin' medallions! Here's a little sample of what we did ...

November 11, 2006

Pure of Heart

It is the pure of heart that do good to make this world a better place --- a divine soul reaching out to another ---
I’ve had the seed for this journal page in my mind for a while now, but it only became clear to me why it was important as I was putting it together.

Someone very dear to my heart described me as pure of heart. I took that as the ultimate compliment and my eyes welled up with tears. He was there for me when I was a teenager and made a huge impact on my life. We lost touch and were able to reconnect about 16 years later. My heart rejoiced, as he was the same kind soul and we still had that same wonderful connection.

As time passed, it became clear that while he proclaimed me pure of heart … he was not. He is a wonderful person and I love him as I can only love someone who had a hand in saving my life … but he is not pure of heart. I feel betrayed … but perhaps it is not him who betrayed me, but my heart that has … for I believed I was reconnecting with one intent on spreading divine love and helping others in need, because it was the right thing to do.

One day I will do another page depicting the betrayal I feel and mourning this loss. For today, I will do art for those other divine souls that are of pure heart and helped me save myself.

News from Home

I found out the other day my father is moving back to Kansas. I should be upset that he hasn't called in months and that he didn't tell me himself I suppose ... what does that say about me?

It does get under my skin, but I can think of a lot more things that eat at me worse LOL He tried really hard to be a father after my Mama passed away ... but he doesn't really show any interest anymore. Things don't feel that different to me. We never communicated openly ... it was always secondhand through my mother and there doesn't seem much point with her being gone ... I miss my Mama the peacemaker.

November 08, 2006

A Closet Trophophobiac

Accccckkkk! When did I become my parents ... or is it my grandparents??

I found this cool site
phobia list when I was looking for the phobia of not having a seating chart. Okay ... maybe that phobia doesn't exist, but I found trophophobia ... fear of making changes or moving ... close enough LOL

There is this running joke at our weekly trip planner meeting that there is an assigned seating chart since everyone always sits in the same place. We had an emergency meeting today while project manager Gary was cruising in the Caribbean (no guilt there LOL). George was in Paul's seat ... Paul was in Gary's seat ... Trent was in Jonathan's seat ... Joe was on the wrong side of the table. I'm trying to look cool and calm and wondering if everyone can see how rattled I feel about people being in the wrong seats.

When did I become such a creature of habit? Acccckkkk!!

November 05, 2006


Degeneration & decay -- gloomy & grotesque are the days of my discontent
This journal page was actually inspired by the ArtWords journal prompts ... as usual I am a day late and dollar short ... but at least it gave me a good excuse to use my new Michelle Ward rubberstamps!

I had originally intended this to be a year long journal project where I would aim for a journal spread a week ... or maybe every 2 weeks and I would bind them all accordion style when they were completed at the end of the year. I fell off the journaling wagon for a while. This is looking more like a 2 year project ... but I like the pages I have so far.

November 04, 2006

Finding Beauty

Finding beauty in the ordinary
I've been working on this journal page off and on for a few days now. I have art commitments out the wazoo LOL ... but all I really want to do is journal. We're in this mad rush at work opening a new light rail line and things are crazy ... crazy! And when I don't get my art time I am very cranky :)

This is a bit different for me ... maybe not the grunge part ;) ... but combining an Old World art look with more modern grunge is something I haven't done before ... and it reminds me that beauty can be found even among the ordinary ...

November 03, 2006

Trumpet Carcass

Spiritus Vocis
Trumpet Carcass
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Oh yeah!! I love this bugle! Actually, it was a brand new shiny kazoo ... until I aged it. Everything looks better with a little rust and patina LOL

This is so me! It takes me back to my days of drum and bugle corps ... but more importantly it is a symbolic piece that represents my voice. I used it in a shrine with fantabulous local artist Claudia Roulier!

November 02, 2006

1st Blog Post

Welcome to my blog ... now to find out how computer illiterate I really am !!