August 09, 2009

Pages for Funky Fusion

Still working on that book title LOL
Here are some pages I did for the inside. My favorite is the geisha picture. I've had that image for a long time. She was on a pink background, which I loved -- but I do have to say I like my background even more LOL

Geisha behind bingo card screenGeisha on pink
Indian DeityCulture

Fantabulous Book Class with Kelly

Inside Back Cover Inside Front Cover

back Cover Front Cover

I love all of Kelly Kilmer's classes, but this one was my absolute favorite -- the one that was absolutely calling to me! This was her Reclaimed Artist Book class. One of my favorite things is to create new and eclectic pages for gutted books.
There were some nature things on the front cover. I cut new paper to cover those up and I was really happy with the vintage look of the black ruled paper. On the back I used several punched circles from a recent project. I couldn't bear to just toss them out and I knew they would end up on this cover :) It makes a neat texture with all the raised circles.

I haven't quiet figured out a title -- that's the only thing I need to add to the front at this point. I know it will have Fusion in the title, but I haven't figured the whole thing out. It will be about various cultures from the Old World -- but sort of a fusion between Old World and funky LOL

August 01, 2009

Fabric Book

Exotic Fabric Art Journal
Wish I had more to show, but all I have really is a cover -- except for a few background pages inside. I suspect it will be a long while before I get any work done in this. This was a fabric covered art journal I made in a Kelly Kilmer worskshop. She just has the best book classes ever!

On the Career Front

This was a stressful week. My future boss in Information Technology worked out a deal with my current boss to share me between the 2 departments. I am being given tasks with little direction and I have to basically figure out how to do them -- and then do them LOL I am also getting paid to study the architecture and set up of this new enterprise system we are getting ready to test -- and then I have to figure out how to test it.

I just got scolded a week ago for trying to solve my own IT problem -- and now I am expected to be the problem solver, so this may take some adjusting to. It's also kind of weird, because I come from a very social department where everyone is nosy and in each other's business and we know everything about each other professionally and pesonally -- and now I am in a group full of computer nerds who eat lunch at their desk every day LOL

The good thing is that they placed me in the old desk of my mentor -- and that is a bit comforting.

But the stressful part was this backstabbing --- grrrrr! There is a co-worker in another department that was using me as his go-between to get things from my new IT boss ... and he is upet that he just lost that leverage. He volunteered to send me some info I needed on a project and as soon as I accepted his offer, he sent me a nasty e-mail copying his boss on how he could no longer assist people in IT. He's getting quite the reputation for temper tantrums and back-stabbing.