February 19, 2008

Late Valentines

Well -- a Valentine just wouldn't be a Valentine from me if it were in time LOL
I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do more fun mixed media hearts -- so here are some Valentine postcards I made and they seemed perfect for
Wednesday Stamper and Mixed Media Monday this week.

February 10, 2008

WorkShop Art

I think it has taken me about a week to recover LOL -- but I took the most fabulous workshop with DJ Pettitt and Traci Bautista. I worked on my projects all day and put in another 3-4 hours a night doing art in the evening. I was absolutely determined not to add another UFO project to my growing pile LOL

I struggled with the mono-printing in Traci's class a bit. I was a bit heavy-handed with the paint and my prints on paper did nto turn out so well. I cheated on some and brayered paint on, stamped, etc LOL The paper towels and fabric prints were my favorite though! And I actually got a book assembled this time --- yippeeee! This was a really fun binding -- I can't wait to do more like this!

And DJ -- she was such a joy -- and so sweet! I've always been terrified of drawing people. DJ was very encouraging -- so I hope to do more drawings and face painting :)

There's about a gazillion thumbnails below -- so have a look :) Thanks for the fab weekend, DJ and Traci!!

Okay -- I'm cheating LOL I uploaded these a few days prior to the "By the Sea" prompt on Theme Thursday -- but it seemed perfect for this prompt. I've really had it with snow and winter, so I just had to do a sea theme -- longing for summer LOL

Sea Dreams Cover - front Sea Dreams Journal Cover - back
Sea Dreams Journal - 01 Sea Dreams Journal - 02
Sea Dreams Journal - 03 Sea Dreams Journal - 04
Sea Dreams Journal - 05 Sea Dreams Journal - 06
Sea Dreams Journal - 08 Sea Dreams Journal - 09
Sea Dreams Journal - 12 Sea Dreams Journal - 13
Sea Dreams Journal - 14 Sea Dreams Journal - 15
Sea Dreams Journal - 19 Sea Dreams Journal - 20

Sea Sprite Bag - front
Sea Sprite bag - back
Sea Sprite Bag - Exterior View
Sea Sprite Bag Lining 2