July 04, 2007


Subluxations and optimum healthI had to find a new chioropractor this week and I had a 2-hour appointment that conisted of a consultation and a bunch of tests. My back is a lot worse off than I imagined and a lot of my health issues were explained, so this chiropractor was a good choice for me. His name is Dr. Cartwright, but there are two chiropractors in the office; they are brothers and I call them the Cartwright Brothers LOL

One of the docors wrote down a bunch of notes for me and drew some diagrams, so I made a copy and used on a journal page over top of some skeletal drawings I added to
Vale's Leonardo calendar.

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Anonymous said...

Karen, I am trying to catch up on blog-reading and sure am glad I checked yours! Wow, you have been one busy artist! I love each piece you have created, especially the ones from Kelly's workshops! Love your use of color! And all collages are great! Keep creating wonderful things!!