April 05, 2007


interior view of assemblage heart assemblage heart - paper casting exterior
I've been working on this piece for a while. I decided this would be a good piece for the secrets prompt on Inspire Me Thursday.

This really is about secrets ... about that secret hiding place in my heart for people who are special to me ... a way to lock those special memories and feelings away in order to let go a little.

This will be a sister heart shrine to the
Spiritus Vocus shrine I did last year. I started out with a paper mache hert again, but cut a door in it, covered with paper casting spirals, and added some assemblage type stuff inside the heart.


Ingrid said...

I just LOVE this heart of yours! SO beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
Ingrid Dijkers

phoenixfeather said...

That's so lovely!! I've got that secret place in my heart too. I'm totally thrilled about your way to give yours a visible shape. Sooo beautiful!

Stacie said...

Uuber cool K! Really really lovin it ;-)


Dianne said...

This is so beautiful!! I love the thoughts behind the making, and the colour and texture is just gorgeous!!