January 01, 2007

Favorite 2006 Art

This week's Inspire Me Thursday challenge is to post a favorite piece of art from 2006 ... which is great since my new digital camera is still stuck on a UPS truck in snowland LOL

My art started morphing into something with a deeper meaning this past year. I'm not sure when this started occurring, but perhaps Lynne Perella's class was a factor.
This is a shrine I made in a class with local artist Claudia Roulier ... who's work I love! This was a stretch for me. Most of my work is theme-work; that is where my comfort zone is. This time I wanted to stretch for something with a deeper meaning, so I used personal symbols. I didn't realize I even had personal symbols until I started thinking about my shrine.

I was in a whole lot of turmoil at the time ... personal issues conflicting with problems at work ... which for me results in intense art. I was literally all tied up in knots, which manifested itself in this journaling heart to become the focal point of my shrine.

My other big symbol in my shrine is a rusted bugle, which I am using for my blogger logo.


Kristy C said...

This is truly awesome! I love love love it!

pangolin said...

Wow. I love shrines too. This looks great. Everything about it, I like.

Stacie @ azoho.com said...

Love this & so glad you've put it on your blog so I can peek at it more;-) Since you've been blogging I haven't been to your webshots- so it's nice to see this here