December 22, 2006


Well ... we got hit by one of the biggest blizzards in Denver's history. We'll be looking at these white piles for a long time to come. I got almost 30" at my house. The worst part ... my car was stuck in a snow drift down the street and I was panicking. Luckily, several nice neighbord pitched in with a tow and a snow blower to get me back up to the house ... and then a co-worker's kids showed up and shoveled my driveway, so I could get my car in. I had spent all day shoveling, but pretty much I was shoveling the street to get my car out LOL

Usually, my street is never plowed ... but wooo hooo! The city showed up with a bulldozer around midnight and actually made a pass down my street ... what a relief! I could probably get out now, but I am going to lay low for few days.

What a time for my digital to break ... I'd love to have a photo of the 36" overhang of snow on my roof.


Stacie @ said...

Saw some pics on our news last night.....I can't even IMAGINE it ;-) Maybe Santa will bring you a new camera (ROFL) because I'd love to see it.
It's warm here but that weather system will bring us thunderstorms for Christmas, the good news is- it'll cool off into the high 60's after it passes us. Woo- hoo- Winter. Still wished you lived down the street!


claudia said...

boy I've had enough snow so-o-o-o glad it didn't go one more time I have no more room and neither does our street...geez!!