December 16, 2006

ABC Discovery Journal

I guess I gave this journal the right name ... I made a few errors and discoveries while making it LOL I used PVA to glue the vinyl sewing tape to the sealed covers not realizing PVA works well with absorbent paper only. I did get a pretty decent hold on the front covers. The back wasn't too bad, but I added some buttons for exta hold in case the tape comes loose.

Then I ended up drilling through part of one of the signature covers when I was drilling my button holes.


primdollie said...

Oh this journal is awesome dear!!!! esp love the bingo card and letters!!! what a fun piece!!!! wishing you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas!!!!! and an artfilled New Year!!!
Hugs Linda

Stacie @ said...

This turned out AWESOME!!!!!!!! Love the binding & everything about it.