December 07, 2008

What I'm Working On

Geez ... I can't believe I haven't been back to my blog in a month LOL
  1. An assemblage collage I hoped to submit to Somerset -- did not get finished LOL -- will repurpose that into something a little different now I think. I got hung up, because I envisoned crackle paste and could find not find crackle paste to save my life ... sigh ... I also couldn't find a box big enough to hold the dimension, so I kind of gave up on the idea -- so off to my UFO (UnFinished Object) pile it goes!
  2. Went through a gazillion ideas for the cover of a metal book I am hosting with the Altered Guild group -- most of which weren't working for me. I finally went back to a revised Plan A. I heated and sooted copper peices, stamped into it, and applied a gazillion layers of sealer to protect the soot, and then embossed the images. I have to get the inside part done, so I weight it down ... and then add my embossed stuff --- but I am determined to get this step on the first cover done this week, so I can submit for Wednesday Stamper since they are doing a metal prompt.
  3. I have various journal pages for Soul Journal and Collage Play started --- no progress there LOL
  4. I've done a little collaging on mail art envies
  5. I've done homework out the wazoo for college -- and am really struggling to keep up, but I am getting near the end of this term. I had big plans to get art things wrapped up over my long Thanksgiving weekend -- and I ended up doing homework almsot the whole weekend :(
  6. I decided to call my Lynne Perella collage from August fit into -- because I can't find the rest of the journaling I was going to write on there LOL I took pics and they were terrible, so I will have to try and photograph again. I had sunglare last time. It's cloudy, so maybe now is the time.
  7. And --- this weekend, I've been trying to get well. I caught some kind of viral infection and sleeping 14 hours a day is pretty much what I've been doing. I feel a little better today, so now I have to cram for my homework LOL


Val Foster said...

Hi, girlfriend. Glad to see a new post on your blog, even if it isn't art. Just good to hear how you're doing. It sounds like you have a number of art projects in progress, which is good.

I look forward to your next post of art, until then, take care. Hope you recover soon -- being sick is a real bummer.

Joanne Huffman said...

Hope you're feeling better. You sure have a lot going on at once.,


Anonymous said...

Be well, Karen. School plus holiday prep plus unfinished art...too much!

Linda East said...

You go girl...but as my mother always said..."And don't forget to breath"