November 09, 2008

Still Kickin'

Not sure how long since I posted ... but a while I am guessing LOL This has been a tough semester at school -- perhaps I should have stuck with a part-time schedule ... but I really like my classmates and I'm trying to keep up with them so we can keep taking classes together.

One of my classes net term is a hybrid, which means one day in class and the rest is online work. Sometimes the hybrid end up being more work in the end ... but I sure hope this one doesn't LOL I miss my art time :(

This coming week is our mid-terms and I am hoping it will get a bit easier. My body is soooo fatigued :(


Lotus said...

HI Karen!
Hang in there with your school! It'll be totally worth it in the end. To keep creative withdrawals at bay, I keep my trusty journal with me at all times... ; )
Take it easy

Joanne Huffman said...

good luck with your midterms.


Kathryn Costa said...

Best of luck with the work load! You'll be brilliant.

Kathryn Costa said...

Hey love,
I'm just cruising through and checking in with all of the Soul Journalers who have blogs to say hi! I noticed that you have my old link on your blog roll. My new address is If you prefer to link directly to the SJ part of the blog, link to

The switch to TypePad is going very well! Thanks again for the recommendation.
xoxo - k