January 30, 2008

Spherical Harmonics

Spherical HarmonicsI'm not sure what the meaning behind this page is LOL

I was desperate to get something on the page and I made this for another book and decided against it, so I added a few more images and used it here.


Anonymous said...

I really, really love this one, Karen. For some reason, it speaks to me. The colours are great, too. All very harmonious.
Hugz, Lizbeth

Angela Hoffmann said...

this one is my favorite too..and i wish i could be the one running up those stairs ...away from all the crap around here the past couple of days...maybe by tomorrow i will be rational enough to blog about it...it has to do with my 2 daughers..with the 17 year old moving out....it has been rought the past 36 hours for me....and so i think I will go to bed and dream that i am running up those stairs to a safe haven at the top of the hill....the colors in this one speak to me too...all of your pages look awesome..but this one is my fav!

Unknown said...

Oh Karen, this page is wonderful! it definitely speaks to me as well. the colors and imagery are fascinating, i really love it. i'm so glad i happened upon your blog 'cuz this piece has inspired me today! thanx.

with smiles,