January 30, 2008

Journal Your Week

Journal Your WeekI did this page in response to an old prompt posted on Art Journal Fridays. We were to divide the page into grids and journal about something we did each day. Okay -- so I didn't do grids LOL I knew I'd need some bigger spaces on some days, so I cut out some neat textured lines from embossed wall-paper and used for my dividers.

Some day I have to work on my doodle lettering. All my lettering ends up looking the same. Apparently, this was the week for teal and purple -- I don't think I've used those colors together in my life -- LOL

This was a fun page and I need to do it again sometime!

1 comment:

Lindart said...

This is a very creative grid page-grids don't HAVE to be squares! And I love the colours!