June 30, 2007


Bossy nearly bought the farm.This was another one of those pages that happened out of sheer desperation to get finished at 1am LOL I was just gluing down papers with no rhyme or reason with no idea of how to make them work. I couldn't think of what to put on there, so I opened a magazine and decided I would use the first image I opened the book to ... and there was Bossy! Of course now it occurs to me that maybe her name should be spelled with an "ie" ... but perhaps this spelling better suits her personality LOL


Joanne Huffman said...

Karen, you're really showing your humor in these spreads. Love the Blues quote and love Bossy.

Anonymous said...

Oh Karen,
this is high-lair-e-ous! And Bossy had better watch out....
I lvoe all of your altered calendar journal oages :-)

Laurie said...

GREAT cow and perfect pun. You're on your game! xoxox Laurie