March 17, 2007

New Chunky Page

A real lady knows how to accesorize.

Here is a chunky page I made for a dear friend.


Anonymous said...

Karen, you sure do know how to accessorize! Your friend is going to love her page.

Anonymous said...

omg! i adore this. karen, you have to promise to do a fatbook or a swap of some kind about "ladies who accessorize."

i actually have a big collage i did and framed last year of a women with a birdnest on her head. it has a totally different feel and it's sort of like the bird is reminding her of her memories. i have no idea of why a woman with a nest on her head is such a powerful image, but it totally is and i would love to see us play around with it in a group!!!

Karen Owen said...

Fabulous, Karen! Your friend will love it.

Anonymous said...

Karen, what a cool page! Your friend is sure to love it. You snuck this in after I visited your blog yesterday, but I check every day, so you didn't get it past me :}

Anonymous said...

Karen, I love this piece, as I do all of your work! You've been quite prolific lately and it's been a joy to view your work! Congratulations again on being published in "Haute Handbag" - I look forward to owning the publication and reading your article!