August 09, 2009

Fantabulous Book Class with Kelly

Inside Back Cover Inside Front Cover

back Cover Front Cover

I love all of Kelly Kilmer's classes, but this one was my absolute favorite -- the one that was absolutely calling to me! This was her Reclaimed Artist Book class. One of my favorite things is to create new and eclectic pages for gutted books.
There were some nature things on the front cover. I cut new paper to cover those up and I was really happy with the vintage look of the black ruled paper. On the back I used several punched circles from a recent project. I couldn't bear to just toss them out and I knew they would end up on this cover :) It makes a neat texture with all the raised circles.

I haven't quiet figured out a title -- that's the only thing I need to add to the front at this point. I know it will have Fusion in the title, but I haven't figured the whole thing out. It will be about various cultures from the Old World -- but sort of a fusion between Old World and funky LOL


MaggiB said...

The work you put into these pieces is evident. Absolutely beautiful and new. What caught my eye is that is that the work different, unusual and refreshing. Thank you. MaggiB

Joanne Huffman said...

Fantabulous is right!

Val Foster said...

These pages are really great Karen. I love the circles. Way cool! I can't wait to see it when it's done. Too bad I couldn't go to Kelly's class.

Carolyn Albro said...

Is this an online class? I'd LOVE to take this class, your work is wonderful!

Linda East said...

How about "Social Fusion" that would cover a lot of Old World and funky. You need to drag Val to these classes. Of course she is on a Nature/Circle kick but she would love to share that with the rest of the class...:)
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Linda (Okla)

Kelly Kilmer said...


Lori Wostl said...

Karen - We are practically neighbors! I am in Westminster. A few others and I have been talking about starting a hmmm journaling club, for lack of a better name (maybe we should go with Social Fusion) are you interested? We won't start until late October or November as I have Art Camp for Women and it's happening soon. You can see I am also a Kelly girl and you can see some of my work at Nice to find you in the hood!