September 06, 2008


Free to pursue my own destiny -- Guilt-free happiness -- The emotional shackles have been shed -- My will is my own.
This page is pretty different for me -- not my usual style
And boy was it hard to photograph LOL

I don't what kind of dog this -- looks a bit like a Weimeraner -- that was the next dog I wanted ...


Joanne Huffman said...

Very cool piece, And, I love the saying.


Kathy McElroy said...

I like it Karen. Great color.

Kathryn Costa said...

This is fantastic!
I'm so excited that you are jazzed about the next "prompt" for Soul Journaling. The phrase "pressing glass" comes from my days living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where people referred to getting up early to get the fresh tracks and pressing the glass of the gondola as they waited in anticipation. Last night after I published the latest installment, I was chuckling thinking back on my brother who lives in Eagle. I can't wait to tell him what I'm up to and the reference. I can hear his laugh right now. How are things in Thornton?

{soul hugs}

Unknown said...

I love this piece of work Karen though I love all your pages!!!!
It pops I’m sure because of the colors you used....thanks for sharing!

jackie said...

This is a great piece, Karen! Love the color and the textural effect - almost looks like fabric - or is it??

Unknown said...

The colour -just awesome. Although I am not a dog lover I do liket he look of this one. Looks really gentle.

Linda said...

Karen, I love the use of quotes in art pages and yours is a great one because it's so true. Love the dog too but I don't know what breed it is either.