June 24, 2007

Flying Aces and Cinderella

Flying Aces Cinderella

I had this huge post and tons of photos uploaded and everything went awry, so I'm trying to break it into smaller posts LOL

I had a weekend full of art and took several Kelly Kilmer classes. I had a great time ... lots of laughter LOL I always have fun at Kelly's classes, but I appreciated these classes even more. Kelly was focusing on collage composition. I've learned lot about collage by practice, but I've never really read any books on collage design nor had any classes.
She encouraged us to use whatever paper we grabbed and solve problems by finding a way to make the collage work. I've been doing collage work long enough now my hand automatically goes for combinations of papers that are complimentary or similar. It would have been interesting to see what we had come up with if we had our partner pick out our paper instead where we lose that control.
We played around with different ways of creating line, challenging designs, ways to connect unlike elements, etc. I came back with some very different looking work for me ... and I used some modern imagery ... something I've always strayed from. We had a blast cutting and pasting!


Anonymous said...

Karen, you made some beautiful collages in that class. And it looks like you came up with tosts of different pieces. Very cool.

Kathy McElroy said...

I love your collages Karen. It sounds like you had a great class.

catworx said...

Your pages are just fabulous....and what a variety!!! I knew Kelly would be an inspiration and it shows!!!
Awesome art, Karen!!!