June 25, 2007

Eye Orbit and Snappy Ed

Eye Orbit Snappy Ed

Here are the last two pages from Kelly's class I completed. The idea behind the first one is that your eye is automatically drawn to the eye. I'm not entirely sure the other page is complete ... it doesn't feel completely done yet.


Crazy Art Girl said...

Karen, Very cool! Love the wax pastels, too. Will have to try that. I love the dots around the focal points. The Charlie Chaplin page is great. Wonderful use of value. I see lines all over the place!

Aileen said...

Great Job Karen I think you do modern images well..gotta love snappy dresser Ed LOL my favorite is the eye orbit very cool!

Anonymous said...

Karen, well, you added some more cool pages. Love the idea of the wax pastels for blending. I'm taken aback by Snappy Ed's Jacket. The eye orbit is fascinating. You sure went beyond your usual style in this workshop. Way cool and adventurous.

Karen Owen said...

All these pages from your class are so cool!


Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Karen,
It was great meeting you last weekend. I always have a blast with the Frenzy Stamper gang. Your pages are amazing-great eye for color, comp/design and more...I love your work!
Try outlining the eye with either one of the Caran d'ache watersoluble wax pastels OR Sakura Gel pens (souffle or gelly roll) OR Sharpie poster paint...
Hope that helps. I love the page though ;)