January 27, 2007

Mayhem - and How!

Some days feel like nothing but mayhem.This was interesting. I had such a hectic week. I try to do a little art every night so I don't fall behind in the calendar journal RR. It just isn't happening here lately. I run around all day at work ... I have the largest workload in the department and my boss keeps piling on even more work, because he's stressed out and he doesn't trust the department administrative assistant to get things done.

I waited unti hours before I was to hand the calendar off to the next player and had to think up some pages fast LOL When this happens I start with a background. I just grab something and glue it down ... then I grab some kind of image or collage material and go with it. In this case ... the letter M. All I can think of is M stands for mayhem LOL It is interesting that I started out with absolutley no page concept ... and yet I got an end result that demonstrates perfectly how I feel.

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