January 15, 2007

Drawing Exercise

Upside Down Drawing Exercise
One of the things I want to learn this year are some basic drawing skills. I do not anticipate ever being a drawing junkie LOL ... but I would like to learn enough to do some simple doodles and pen/ink illustratons in journals.

Last night I found this online site
There was a neat exercise where they give you an upside down line drawing and have you duplicate it not fully knowing what you are drawing. This was an exercise to see if you could follow the lines. My results did not turn out terrible ... considering that I have never taken a single drawing class LOL


primdollie said...

wow now this sure beats my stick figures and I'm not looking at them upside down!!! amazing!!! looks like you don't need much learning by this pic!!! wonderful!! Hugs Linda

Rande said...

Looks great to me! Admire how you have tried so many new techniques in the last year. Bravo to you!