January 13, 2007

30-Word Challenge

Experience all the drama.  Double your chance to sink.  Every summer has naturally smooth wrinkles -- because you're worth 9 3/4 calories and half the taste.For the Calendargirlz group I set a challenge to clip 30-40 random words from a magazine, newspaper, etc and rearrange into new sentences for a journal page. I wasn't counting all that close and I ended up with more like 50 to choose from ... and it still wasn't an easy challenge LOL

I arranged my words into a mini-story ... and when I came back a couple days later to assemble my collage I misplaced some key words and found my word Beach was way too large for the page LOL So I took my remaining words and came up with something on the fly.

One of my goals this year was to take a stab at drawing ... I have no training and it shows LOL I'm terrified of drawing people, so I started with a simple boat in charcoal.

Lesson Learned:
Do not quit your day job ... you do not have a future in marketing.

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