January 02, 2007

Can You Say Entrails?

Enslave thy heart to protect from those that wish thou harm -- If only thy would not purpose to bar those dear as well
Well ... I have not been all love and light here lately, so it is time for the dark side of my art to resurface LOL I made myself think about what was bothering me and then did a journal page ... and this was what came out.

I went back to the heart theme, but decided to use an anatomy heart. This was from my Da Vinci clip-art book ... somehow I doubt if this is what Da Vinci had in mind LOL

This was another case where the background just wasn't working. I wanted the heart to show inside this molding paste window. I mixed the molding paste with paint, which I have never experimented with. The color was not working for me at all. I added a second color over that ... also not working for me. 3 or 4 colors later I found something that was acceptably morbid and the colors seem to work.

Now that I take a step back and look at it ... all I can think is ... it looks like I spread entrails all over the page LOL

1 comment:

Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Good peice of journal work Karen! Great heart image and lots of depth to it in many ways!