February 21, 2014

Starting a Mural ...

I am so excited to that I get the opportunity to paint another mural!  I am doing this in the ministry center for my church.  It is probably on the small side for murals, but it feels big to me after working in altered books and journals for so many years :)  It isn't much to look at yet ... just a big squarish shape with some gesso ... but work will continue :)

January 01, 2014

A New Year of Journaling

I can't believe it is already January 1 ... of 2014.  Like about 2000+ other people, I am participating in The Documented Life Project ... and I love it!  My book is combining the idea of a planner, art journal, altered scrapbook, and whatever else I can manage to throw in!  I am also including work from another online class, so mine is not  real planner per se, but I am adding some planner pages as I go along.  I didn't get a real good photo of my cover, but here it is:

I am not much into paint brushes these days, so I brayered on several acrylic colors onto an old binder and I added rub-ons and layers of napkins to blend and change up the look.  The tabs were a free printable from the web that I enhanced with circle punches.  Persevere is my word for the year and I am plastering it everywhere I can.  Much of my journal work this year will hit n that topic.

The first challenge for The Documented Life Project was to take a photo of our front door or entry way as a reminder that we are opening the door to 2014 and all it holds.  This assignment hit home on so many levels.  It is not well known, but my home has been a place of bondage for me many years. I did not own my home; it owned me.  Years of abuse left me with the disease of hoarding ... and more shame than I could carry.  I locked my house up.  I did not let in friend, foe, or plumber.  

My life changed in October 2004 when I invited Christ into my life.  I was incapable of clearing away decades of junk and dirt apart from Him.  146 weeks ago, I started clearing away junk and literally gutting my home while I was living in it and i did it through His strength ... while I was pursing a new career ... while I was attending college ... while I was dedicating time to outreach ministries.  I am not done ... but God has equipped me with perseverance and strength and friends to love me and support me and and on occasion pick up a hammer or paintbrush.  

I still have 2 rooms left that need to be overhauled and the rest of the house is disorderly, because all my art studio furniture and supplies are in my living room while the art room is being gutted and painted ... but still ... my house is a miracle.  There has been a huge transformation inside.  But I am tired and most weeks, this feels like a project that will never end, so my word for 2014 is persevere.  I need perseverance ... a lot.  So this assignment has made me emotional about God.  Last year I painted my front door an outrageous color.  It is a really bad paint job (my first attempt at an artsy door LOL), but it is a symbol of transformation and revival ... of me and my home.  And I hear God encouraging me and assuring me that He will build perseverance in me ... and that I (and my house) are both a work in progress ... and He has not forgotten us.  I won't give up before the miracle.  Doors are going to swing wide open in 2014 :)

November 30, 2013

Aspire to Ascend ...

I'm posting another page I did a few months ago.  I recently learned I am a high-functioning autistic.  I was not ready to learn this ... perhaps I never would be.  There was a minute of hope where all my social challenges suddenly made sense ... and I felt a sense of freedom in knowing I didn't have to pretend to be normal any longer.  But my hope quickly disintegrated, as I realized God had placed me in some communities that would require me to step beyond my autistic abilities; He put me in a place of dependence on Him.  Actually, I've always depended on Him in social situations, but this was the first time that dependence became my reality.

I am slowly ascending out of a pit of despair and back toward hope.  It is a slow, but steady journey.

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November 26, 2013

Patriotic Christmas?

This summer I was feeling the heat and got the crazy idea of doing a patriotic themed card for a friend with a snowman.  It seemed appropriate ... after all ... so many patriotic colors also work well or Christmas and vice versa.  Now I am wishing I could do another and send out for Christmas.  I called this card: The 4th of July Meltdown ...

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November 14, 2013

Whisper ...

The word whisper seems to resonate with me this year ... not sure why.  Maybe because I feel like I have to strain sometimes to hear the direction my Lord has for my life.  I did this page earlier this year.  I've since added some journaling, but never rephotographed.  This page looks like the new me perhaps, but definitely not the old me.  I usually have at least 190 things competing for attention on the page.

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November 12, 2013

Everything is meant to be used ...

I don't really date my work, so not when I made this page, but it was several months ago.  Many life-altering things have happened since I did this journal page and I can now hear the gentle whisper of God's encouragement, as He tried to prepare me for so much of what was to come.

"Everything is meant to be used," He whispers ... and so I can have peace in the knowing that nothing is too broken to be of use to God.  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me ... and He can use all things for His good purpose.

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It's Been a Rough few Years

Hmmm ... I'm afraid to look at the last date on my blog post.  I've been in school for 6 years now and preparing to finish my last few classes.  I long for a life of normalcy I have not known for so long ... and may never know again.  I did very little art the first few years of my degree, but started working my way back into some art journaling last year ... and found I was so thirsty for it.  There was a hunger in my soul for expression that could not be met any other way.

And I also miss writing ... the pounding out of emotion on a keyboard.  Some day I will be a write ... but today ... I am an artist.

So ... I am hoping to get some long overdue art posted.  I've been working on art journals for the past 2 years, but haven't posted much of anything ... so hoping to get at least a few things posted on my blog again.


June 21, 2011

Journal -- Framed!

Recently I found an old art journal I started several years ago in a class with artist Kelly Kilmer.  Each page has a frame cut nad I will be making works of art to insert in each window.  I decided to try collaging across some of the windows, glue on some extensions, etc ... just to shake things up a bit.

I didn't have any real design for the cover, but just felt like adding a starfish and painting.  I like the look, but it may take some additional work to keep it from looking like an ocean-themed book.

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