January 13, 2007

Loss of Innocence

1-2-3  Do you hear my plea?  4-5-6 Where is my innocence?  7-8-9 Do not cross that line.  10-11-12 My purity shall ye shelve?  13-14-15 Wipe my tears of saline. I was aiming for the graffiti look for this week's prompt on Art Words. I lost the vision in my head and this is what came out. This piece gives me that uncomfortable feeling. Certain color combinations or dark colors get under my skin. In this piece it almost looks muddy ... but perhaps that is what loss of innocence is about ... losing that pure color.

This piece goes back to a common theme from my childhood ... and reminds me that the past cannot be undone.


Michelle said...

Don't let anyone tell you that these pages you're doing are too "dark" or "out of character." Art journals, beyond the surface stuff like backgrounds, images and text, are the ultimate tool for artists to explore, uncover, resolve and/or discover anything they need from the past, present, or future. These pages are for you! They are what they are and they serve a purpose, even if others aren't quite sure what to make of them. Don't beat yourself up over backgrounds that you think don't work; if the pages work to express something you feel or experienced, then the page works! Keep it up!

artsyfran said...

This isn't muddy at all. It's filled with color and filled with abandon. That's the beauty of innocence - it allows you to just leave behind the rules, since you don't know they exist! :) Fran