June 07, 2008


Mercy and the Crypt Longstretch Brothers

Frank and Steve Longstretch
A father's love ... banishing his undead daughter ... guarding his only son
Here are some pages I did in a vampire-themed AB. I was realy excited about the challenge of working in a dark theme. I did my art first and then I couldn't figure out quite how to finish the pages off or how to come up with a storlyline that would explain the images. I ran across a site about a legendary vampire in Rhode Island named Mercy Brown, so I used her as inspiration. I added some new characters to tie in with the altered cabinet card I did. Here is the storyline I wrote to go along with my pages:

Mercy Brown was 19 when her physical body succumbed to consumption in 1892. She was buried in a crypt until the cold winter Rhode Island ground could thaw. How could her beloved daddy know that Frank and Steve Longstretch had given her everlasting life in the dark world of a vampire and that she had been sustaining herself on the blood of babes?

Mercy’s brother was also ailing from consumption … wasting away and growing weaker daily, as was most of the small rural community. The Brown family doctor approached Mercy’s father with his theory that his deceased wife or daughters were undead and responsible for bringing death to his doorstep. Fearful of losing his last child, George Brown agreed to have the three graves exhumed and inspected for signs that they had crossed over to the undead.
One can only imagine how distraught he must have been to learn that Mercy had turned in her grave in the above-ground crypt. Fresh blood in her heart confirmed the doctor’s theory. They acted quickly to burn her heart and put her vampiric soul to rest. Ashes from Mercy’s burnt heart were fed to her brother Edwin in an attempt to break her spell over him, but alas … it was too late.


Angie in AZ said...

Wow Karen, the work is phenomenal and since this is a theme I don't think I could ever work with, you did an amazing job. And that story! Holy Smokes! That's quite a story!

Karen Owen said...

Oh my gosh, Karen! What an incredible story! Wherever did you find it? Your art is spectacular. I especially love the first page with the woman's image - it's stunning.

Stacie said...

:-) Okay, not as gory as I had imagined. I think THIS ROCKS! Love how you tied it all together. Very cool. And the fork.....nice touch.

Joanne Thieme Huffman said...

Your images fit the story you found in a creative and innovative way. Angels should be very happy to have this in her book.


Val Foster said...

Wow, this spread is really cool, and I love it. Of course I'm wondering how you got all the fantastic texture??? I like the fork too.

And the story is great too. You are just so darn talented, Karen, sometimes it's hard not to be envious.

Dawn Sellers said...

Karen these are amazing. I just love the vampire theme and the story!

Wabbit said...

Geez, what a story! I could never do that theme. You never seem to be at a loss.

sandee said...

Wow, wow, WOW!!! Now how is one to top that?!? Just awesome!!!

jackie said...

Wow, Karen! Amazingly creative art and writing! I am always enthralled by your use of hearts in your art - it always works!

kathy mc said...

Your are so creative and very talented. I love seeing your art.