June 13, 2008

Homework Woes

Well this was kind of a drag. One of my classes was easy, but also hard in that there was a huge amount of work. This class was about creating professional and academic success. The teacher made it more of a personal discovery class -- to learn what your personal keys to success are. She more or less passed over the class text book. We used Sprititual Doodles & Mental Leapfrogs as a workbook for the term. This is a vey fun book overall, but some of the items were a little tougher than I was expecting.

We were to turn it in at the end of the term, so she could verify that we did the assignments -- but most of the class complained about this not being their cup of tea and she buckled and gave everyone a perfect score -- even though some had barely touched it. It just aggravated me, because I worked really hard to be sure I got all the assignments done; it gets under my skin that people who put little effort got the same grade as me after I gave it my best effort.

So anyway -- I am posting a few of my exercies out of the book. This assignment was to do a collage based on your dreams.

Dare to Dream


kathy mc said...

What a wonderful piece. This is very cool.

Karen Owen said...


jackie said...

This is a great piece, Karen! And I know how you feel when you work hard and others don't - doesn't seem fair.

Nona Parry said...

In twenty years this will no longer be important, but YOU will have gotten something from it that the others will not have done.

Your work is deep and inspiring, as always. Thanks for sharing!

Mark Twain once said, "Always do Right. This will gratify some folks and astonish the rest."

Nona, in New Zealand

christygrant said...

Karen, I really like this piece! I've enjoyed touring your blog today, too!