June 21, 2008

Mysical Moon Poetry

The mystical moon rises in the endless desert. Mongoose ponders his souless existence over meaningless miles of sand and starvation. Hovering thoughts ricochet off of rippling waters. An open heart sacrifices loyalty; in the shadow and light of a sleepless night; the legacy of the mole is denial of spirit and cruelty of intention. May the winds of change sweep through.This is a page I did in the Spiritual Doodles book. It is intuitive poetry. You take about 15 minutes and write down phrases or words that pop into your head. Afterward, you arrange your phrases and thoughts into a poem. The instructions said it was perfectly fine to be nonsensical -- it is more about the emotion of the piece.

I like what I wrote and think it would be fun to do a page in a real art journal adding imagery.

1 comment:

Val Foster said...

I really like this poem Karen. You have a real gift with writing. Well done.