August 05, 2007


Teddy Roosevelt - Mixed Media PortraitHere is my second class sample. Katherine took a long time. She had a lot of skin to paint and I was worried about going down in infamy as the one who marred Katherine Hepburn's flawless skin and timeless beauty for life LOL Teddy had a lot of wrinkles ... and I noticed his teeth look awful dirty when I got the painting done ... wonder if his teeth were false ...

Class was close to ending when I started him and I wanted to get the face done while teacher input was still a possiblity, so I rushed through Teddy. He was much smaller of course, but I went wham-bam-bang and slapped on my paint in a hurry without changing brushes or rinsing. Karen does hers so fast ... it is amazing to watch. I cringed when I showed her, but I actually ended up with a decently blended face by using the same brush and not rinsing between.


Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

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Joanne Huffman said...

Katherine and Teddy both look great. This looks like a wonderful technique. I know you're going to be doing a lot more of these.