August 13, 2007

Heart Journal

Heart Speak Journal Heart Speak - opened

Heart Speak - interior
I have some other journals ... one nearly complete and one barely started LOL But I seem to have this obssession with hearts the past year, so I decided to give into that obssession and just go with that idea. I decided to take the plunge after I saw this blue heart journal on Karen Michel's blog and also this red one.

I decided I would make my own tall and skinny journal by cutting down a cloth-covered 3-ring binder that would be easy to paint. I just happen to have 2 binders like this -- except both have a clipboard attached with rivets that I could not get off for the life of me. I figured that was no problem with all the school supplies out ... but no ... everything this year is plastic or vinyl ... grrrrr!

I was absolutely determined I was going to make this journal happen ... so in a moment of sheer desperation I took the skil-saw to one of my notebooks and whacked off the corner with the clipboard ... and poof! Problem solved LOL

The more I worked on this cover, the more it strayed from what I had seen on Karen Michel's site LOL

That heart looked too lonely, so I decided it also needed a catchy title. Not letting my obssession stop there ... I compiled a list of about 30 possible titles playing off the word heart. As soon as I started digging through my chipboard letters this title jumped out at me ... and naturally it was not among the 30 on my list LOL My muse is definitely a non-conformist.


kathy mc said...

Karen, I see you found the album that would work for your project. It's off to a wonderful start.

Joanne Huffman said...

You've made this your own and I know you'll make great art in it.

Karen Owen said...

I love the title. It's perfect!