August 03, 2007

Rainbow Pegasus

Pegasus Beauty -- are the 80s over yet?This is an art journal page I did with my Color Mists for Aileen's Color My World Contest. I love the look of my background, but after I got it done I realized how 80s the whole thing looked LOL

When I was in the 3rd grade (not the 80s by the way LOL) I decided I would collect unicorns and pegasuses. I thought they were so flippin' cool and so unique. I wanted to collect something no one else was collecting. Then there was this big splash of unicorns and pegasuses ... and they were everywhere! Girls had them on their t-shirts ... on their backpacks ... on their bedspreads ... unicorns plastered all over their walls ... on their notebooks. My dream was dashed! My Mom got me a stuffed unicorn and then I told her I would have to find something different to collect ...

Then I moved on to castles. They also turned out to be a little more common than I would have liked, but never hit the big time like unicorns fortunately ... hee hee

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