August 05, 2007


NefertitiThis image was a little scary to try with this technique, but I picked some stronger contrasting paints and did Karen Michel's technique in Joanne's calendar journal.

I used Modern Option iron surfacer and rust solution on her hat.


artsyfran said...

this turned out really cool! I love the way you're taking the technique and running with it! :)

Angie in AZ said...

OMG Karen, you are smokin'! This is awesome! I love the angular features of her face and this technique really captures them! You did a fabulous job!

Moon from Alteredbooks Yahoo said...

Beautiful! Love all your pages.

kathy mc said...

Wow Karen, I've been checking out all the great art work you've been doing lately. You can really put out some awesome work. I love it all.

Joanne Huffman said...

And this is in MY calendar Journal!!!! I absolutely love thiw. You are really doing great things with this technique.

shirleymcc said...

this is another lovely piece, from one of my favorite sweet-tarts.
Oops, I keep forgetting that you are a sweetheart :-)