February 18, 2007

Celestial Light

Celestial light leads the way
Yippeee! I got this AB spread done fast! I actually worked on the moon and stars last week. They were painted a dull gold, which I did not like. I had hoped to sand off the paint and apply patina to bare metal, but it was not something that would patina.

Plan B was to glop on various mediums for texture and add some of that Statuary Green Bronze paint by Modern Options followed by blue patina solution. I never realized what a difference in color the patina can have depending on which type of bronze you use with it. Last time I used the blonde bronze and got a bluer blue. Against the green bronze it takes on more of a teal or turqouise blue.

I have so many cool crumpled tissue paper backgroudns in this RR. Every time I try that technique I over-saturate and overwork the tissue (I used pattern paper tissue) and it ends up being nearly flat. This time I didn't worry about whether all the tissue was strongly glued. Some of the scrunched up areas didn't feel real solid, but I assumed the gesso would hold things in place. When I started applying the gesso I was getting a dry-brush look that was looking very cool. I decided to leave it with spaces of ungessoed tissue. When I glazed, it helped add color variation, as the gessoed areas ended up lighter. This is the best tissue paper background I've ever done ... wooo hooo!


Karen Owen said...

Karen, This is truly awesome.

Lorri Scott said...

Karen, It's good to know you have a blog too! I saw you left a comment at mine. Would you like to link our blogs? Also I need to research how people can leave a comment without having to sign in? but I'm still on vacation so I won't pursue that until next week.

Great blog and nice spread for the Muses!


Lorri Scott said...
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Lorri Scott said...


I left one comment but it didn't seem to show up? I saw you left a comment at my blog and now I know you have one. Would you like to link them?

Great spread for the Muses!

Lorri aka Terpsichore

Anne said...

it's beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!