February 06, 2007

Bird Envy

Bird Envy - foliage detail

I had a bad case of bird envy! The
Amazing Karen O! has been doing these cool bird pieces that get my feathers all ruffled 'cause I want one so bad LOL -- So I caved and did my own bird piece -- hee hee
Bird Envy - tag detail

Bird Envy

I waxed some fresh yellow roses from my birthday bouquet for this ... and then waxed a couple dried roses from my Valentine's Day gift 3 year ago. As you can see the flowers survived longer than the relationship LOL I'm not sure whay kind of lifespan I will get out of the waxed fresh roses, but I guess we'll find out!
Bird Envy - egg detail


Vale said...

Hi Karen!
Now that I have my own blog I've figured out that they are pretty user friendly! lol So, here I am posting a msg on yours.
These roses that you told me you were going to wax turned out just beautifully!
Warm hugs from Vale :)

Cathy said...

OMG Karen! I love it!! Will you please work in my bird themed fabric book when I get it completed?...lol

Wabbit said...

WOW! Karen, this is AWESOME! I love how you used the roses. Great work!