March 08, 2008

Long Time No See

It seems I have lost interest in blogging lately -- and perhaps art too. There have been a lot of life changes in the past month -- out with the old and in with the new as they say. My focus has been on my job lately -- and there is potential for it to turn into a more professional career, but to really make this hapen I need to pursue a degree.

I only have a few credit hours, as I took one semester of college immediately following high school, but due to a number of life circumstances I was unable to return. It has been laziness that I have not considered returning before now -- but it is time. I was never one to take classes just for the sake of taking classes. My goal at 18 was to major in English, so I could become a fiction writer one day.

My focus is quite different now. I have several mentors at work and they say I am a natural for IT work -- particularly when it comes to being a Business Analyst -- and I also love working with the data. Data sounds so boring, but I love tackling challenges. If I don't have to use my wits to solve problems, I'm not really interested LOL

I have the potential to move into several slightly different fields of work at my job, so hopefully I can hang on long enough to get at least an Associate's degree -- but a Bachelor's degree would definitely be better.

I'm going to fous on getting as much art stuff wrapped up as I can -- but ultimately, I will have to drop a lot of groups and probably will not sign up for any more long-term commitments. My focus will be moved back onto my local art group, as I have spread myself so thin I feel I am not getting everything I can out of my local art group.

This is a lot of change for me and I am trying to embrace it -- but we'll see LOL I am also hoping that cutting back on the art stuff over time will motivate me to get my art stuff all organized. I get to a certain point and it just stops while I mess things back up with more art LOL I'd like to truly get it organized -- in a way that I can actually manage it. I never got to the point where everything has its own place. I don't know how successful I will be in that area -- but a little peer pressure will help LOL


Joanne Huffman said...

You're obviously on the verge of big changes. Good luck to you as you follow the path you set up for yourself.

You do know that you can get an Associate's Degree that will transition into courses for a B.A; right?


Connie said...

ya know karen - I find that when I am motivated at work I somehow just fit the art time in - it becomes a way to unwind for me....but i definitely limit my commitments and i put most of my groups on digest...
but work and art and school - that's a lot!
you have really come into your own with your art - it has been amazing to see your art blossom. You may find that you have hit the point where you want to do YOUR OWN ART, mostly- you know, art for you - stretching, pushing the boundaries - and not for an RR or a swap. Art without guilt, I call it. no deadlines. no rules.
aren't the twists and turns, the challenges and the journeys of life amazing?
ah... but i'm rambling!

Lizbethem said...

Good luck with your life changes, Karen! God blessyou.