October 25, 2007

Sometimes Life Bites

Ugggghhh ... I'm definitely in the mood for a pity party. My poor decrepit car finally died -- and I am so over-extended (after doing my best to help bail my brother out of financial jams over the years) that I cannot contemplate a new engine for it ... nor buying another decrepit old car -- not until I get my income tax in the spring anyway. That means no more art classes -- one of the few things I can really do for me :(

Getting back and forth to work is one thing ... but getting to the store ... getting to a laundromat (since my washer also kicked the bucket for now) ... getting to doctor appointments ... getting to my art group meetings for the next 5-6 months. This all just sucks.


Joanne Huffman said...

Karen, I'm sorry your car died. I hate being carless and winter is no time to walk to places. At least you've got lots of ideas from the classes you've already taken (trying to present the bright side here).

jackie said...

Aw, Karen! This really does suck and you have every right to a huge pity party! I will send positive vibes that this challenge will bring something good into your life!

Karen Owen said...

Karen, I'm sorry about your car. That's just awful. If I lived closer, I'd try over and pick you up, but since I don't, I just have to send you my sympathies.


Wabbit said...

Geez, hon, this bites! The washer and the car is just too much with all the other stuff you've had going on. I'll be thinking some good thoughts for you to hopefully help bring some good luck your way!

Lizbethem said...

Sorry about your troubles, Karen. Sending up a little prayer.

jill said...

i can relate as i was "car-free" from march to august after my son totalled my car in a meeting w/ a deer. i was mooching rides all summer from my kids (they're 21 and 23) and i live out in the country 15 miles from town. oh well, i figured i had hauled them around for years that they could take a turn and haul me around when i needed it!

while i found out that it was terrible heading in to it and wonderful to be heading out of it, being w/o my own car gave me the perfect excuse to NOT do all those things i didn't really want to do but felt obligated to do. i would just say, "oh, i'm sorry, but i don't have a way to get there."

i know, that's evil -- but sometimes we have to use what we have available!

Angie in AZ said...

Oh Karen, this is awful! I hate hearing this! I'm sure everything will work out somehow. Hang in there.