October 21, 2007

The Blue Dot Episode

The Blue Dot EpisodeThe Inspire me Thursday prompt this week is control -- and boy is that perfect for last week LOL I've been wrestling to get control of my emotions for a while. My adrenal gland is not functioning right and you never miss your body's ability to handle stress until it is gone. Supplements help immensely, but figuring out the right dosage has been a challenge.

I never know I'm on a downward spiral until something so iditotic happens you can't believe you did it LOL I went for a chiropractic appointment and for some reason they removed this blue dot from my chart. Sounds ridiculous when you say it LOL -- but that blue dot puts me with my regular doctor instead of jumping around to different chiropractors and risking getting someone who doesn't have enough skill to adjust my back right.

My pleas to have the blue dot put back on my chart with the receptionist were fruitless, but I did manage to get in to see my regular doc -- and that poor soul has seen my meltdowns before and knew he was in for one as soon as he walked in LOL But in the end -- I got my blue dot back ROFL

I fondly call this the blue dot episode ... and I'm willing to bet my blue dot never gets taken away again -- hee hee


Jodi said...

Oh, gosh. I think that this is just perfect. For me, the inspiration word "control" brought about similar sorts of thoughts.

Patricia J. Mosca said...

Good for you for sticking up for yourself and getting back your BLUE DOT!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!! The journal page is great!! And I would say you were in control because you stayed TRUE to what you knew was BEST FOR YOU!!!!!!!

martha said...

LOL! Sometimes a little wigging out can get us what we need, eh? And bravo to you for insisting on having a say in your medical care. Many people don't have the guts.
Love your page!

H. Buchholz said...

I really like this page! Very nice. I looked at several of your posts, collages, pages etc... and am wondering...on the parts where there are outlines, do you use paint? My sharpie doesn't want to work over acrylic paint and other collage elements! It's so frustrating! Do you have a particular pen that you use when doing collage? I am looking for a recomendation from those in the know, of a good black pen/marker that COVERS all the stuffs!

Silvia said...

Thanks for this blue dot episode. Very interesting.

kimberley said...

Not creative?! --- who said that?

Nice match between your experience and your creation.

Hope your feeling better.

Spontanity said...

And you sais this isn't creative.
I Think it is.
I wasn't creative.
Greetz from Holland

Nicole V Lozano said...

The page is wonderful and sharing your experience really puts in all in perspective. It's great, the page and the background (which I can so relate to).

Blue is such a cool/calm color. Funny you started to lose your cool when you lost your blue dot. hmmm

Elisabeth said...

Loved your journal entry. It was so close to home that it was very touching. The word controll gives me the same feelings. Thanks!!